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Do you ever think to yourself "Can I see my nose?"
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My Backstory
Full Name: Gemini Vjolnik

Hello! I am Gemini Vjolnik and I am currently studying at Durmstrang but I am doing an apprentice ship here at Hogwarts!. The castle and grounds here is beautiful! I must say it is warmer here than back home (but I love the cold so I don't mind). I love runes and I hope to a one point become an ancient runes professor.

.Character Info.

. Fair complexion
. straight light brown waist length hair
. Green eyes

Age: 17

Height: 5' 10''

Blood Status: Pureblood

Patronus: Hippogriff

Favorites: Horseback riding, Ice Hockey, Music and Painting.

.A Peryton named Percyia
.A Wolpertinger named Tippy

. Hazel Wood
. Phoenix feather core
. 13" 3/4 in length,
. Unyielding flexibility

Durmstrang House:
Ssshhh! Sorry can't tell ya :)

Ilvermorny House
. Horned Serpent

Hybrid house
. Slytherdor

. only girl out of 3 older brothers