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My Backstory
Being a siren let me tell you there is a lot of misinformation about us. We can sing, love music and We love family. Some abilities we may have are with water, time and the moon. My mother Ellen was a siren and father Rhydian was a merchant they both died at sea when I was young. My father's sister and her husbad raised me in Washington State. My Aunt Ivy is a hedge witch and Uncle Dean a farmer. After graduating high school I was decursed leading to the discovery I am a witch. I was invited to join Hogwarts to learn the magical ways I missed out on even if I am older than most students I was happy to finally receive my letter. It's been harder than I realized with rumours that my mother and father may still be alive and my 9month daughter Rhydian, starting to show signs of being a siren my life is a little crazy.