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whats a wand without the fun hehe?

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hi i am sydney a witch at hogwarts my friends play a big role in my life because they always would help me cast spells and one of my best friends is my sister Diane potter lily she is the one who plays the biggest role she is just wonderful i love her and my dad is harry potter a very powerful wizard so that means my mum is ginny weasley shes always making us sweaters and pumpkin pasties YUM shes the one who makes sure my sister does not eat me hehe anyways back to the friends list oh my so many well one of my friends is Aubrey then there is niku sshe is one of those best friends that helps me with spells she is a book worm so yeah she can really help and there is a bunch more but i have to go my Quill is runing out of ink, i am Sydney, Sydney not so Potter i was adopted by the potters and was lied to for 11 years, come to think about it i have been living in the same household as the man who killed my father and the same woman that killed my mother you may be thinking "oh how do you know that the dark lord is your dad, how do you know that Bellatrix is your mum" the stupid Prophet that't how every student knows about it even Lyra Malfoy knows and its not that much of a treat finding out your enime is related to you!!!
and it really sucks to be me because i don't have anywhere to go unless i live with the Diggorys' in their house.Hunter didn't seem to care about the whole Riddle thing but Diane did mind i lost my only friend and my only sis- Ahem i mean my only servant i don't have a close realationship with the potters or my family mostly because the are dead but if they were alive they would be very ashamed i mean i am the daughter of Tom Riddle and i get sorted into Hufflepuff OUT OF ALL THINGS HUFFLEPUFF. Well bye i guess.....
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