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Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show.

hey, i'm raegan / rayne. Welcome to my page!

My Boundries.

> Number 1: If you are homophobic, islamaphobic, xenophobic, abelist, racist, misogynistic etc. leave my page now. I do not feel comfotable interacting with you. 

> Number 2: I will not roleplay or interact with anyone who supports anyone who is one of above statements, if you have anything to ask me about this one feel free to comment on my wall or owl me. 

> Number 3: I will not interact with anyone who openly uses slurs in their day-to-day language. This includes The N Slur, The R Slur, The T Slur, The D Slur, The F Slur. et cetera.

> Number 4: If you push your beliefs on me, in normal conversation - in Roleplay is different [depends on the scenario, I will stop talking to you. [This includes religious beliefs, eating habits etc.]

> Number 5: I will not interact/roleplay with anyone that does not respect mine, or other peoples triggers. Make sure you remember to add TWs. 

> My Triggers: Suicide, Self Harm, Eating Disorde, Rape, Sexual Assult/Harrassment.

    -> I'm fine with accidental harming yourself but deliperate / detailed explanations are a big No No!

Roleplay Rules.

> i'm from scotland, so i may be at work, school, asleep or just out when people i'm roleplaying with are online. So please don't spam me to respond <3

> at least try and respond with more then just one sentance, it's hard to work with just one sentance.

> please don't take control of my character, they are my characters to work with. I chose what they do and say.

> i'm fine with swearing. [This includes the word Cunt. I am aware people do not like it though]

> no using asterisks [*] i will stop responding if you use these. Please try and roleplay like you are writing a short story, it's not that difficult.

My Characters.

* These characters are a bit outdated, I can give you the information about me character pre-roleplay or just work it into the roleplay! (I am planning on updating these I just can't be bothered at the moment!)



Full name: Azzlyn Maya Vaughn

Nicknames: Azzy 

Sexuality: Bisexual {she/her}

Age: 16 [can vary]

Birthplace: Fort William, Scotland

Accent: Strong Scottish

Birthday: 15 / 09 / --

Known Languages: Scots Gaelic and English

Aesthetic: Grunge-esk

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw



Full name: Evelyn Erika Weiß-Cowan 

Nicknames: Evie and Eve

Sexuality: Pansexual {she/they}

Age: 15 [can vary]

Birthplace: Geneva, Switzerland.

Accent: Mix of a german and a french accent

Birthday: 28 / 06 / --

Known Languages: English, French and German

Aesthetic: Dark Academia 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff


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