Jasper Dennison

Hogwarts Student

Name: Jasper Newton (Newt) Dennison Age: 11 Year: 1 House: Hufflepuff Younger brother to James Dennison

  • Joined November 2017
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  • Australia


My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff, The sorting hat made this decision because I'm kind and caring like a Hufflepuff. I was a hat stall it too the sorting hat a while to decide where to put me because of my cunning, ambition, bravery, kindness loyalty and wisdom. The classes that I do like the most are History of Magic, Care of Magical Creatures and a lot more. The subjects that i don't like are Herbology and Potions. blood status: Pure-Blood or Hal-Blood. My blood status has not really affected me much in the wizarding world even though I'm a Dennison people are nice and caring.. It would be very dark and scary and my cousin Harry would be fighting him non stop. My greatest strength is my bravery. My greatest weakness is my compassion. When I finish school I am hoping to be in the Ministry of Magic. I want to use magic to help others. I have two pet owls a barn owl and a snowy owl. Their names are Newt and Maddie they act really nice. My family is the Dennison's my two older brothers Newt and Max. My older sister Hermione, My younger brother Luke and my two younger sisters Dove and Dani. My brothers, sisters and I have disagreements but only 1 percent of the time.

Name: Jasper Dennison
Age: 11 (Rps it can change)
Personality: Kind, Caring,Brave,crazy,Compassionate,Cunning,ambitious,loyal
Family: Harry Potter (Cousin), Newt Dennison, Max Dennison (older brothers), Hermione Dennison (Older sister), Luke Dennison (Younger Brother), Dove and Dani (Younger sisters), Rachel Diaz (Mum), Jase Dennison (Dad).
Friends: Dani Dennison (Sister/BFTF), Harry Potter (Cousin/BFTF), Hermione Granger (Best friend), Ron Weasley (Best Friend) I'll add more later
Nicknames: Jas, Den, Den Den, JD i'll add more later
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