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Hello! My name is Juliet Worthington, and I am a Half-blood. My mother died an hour after my birth due to blood loss. My father was worried that I might be a muggle just like my mother, but that all changed the day my father brought me to an ice cream parlor. While he went to the restroom, Meghan, one of the neighborhood bullies, spotted me in my booth, and walked over to me. She kept picking on me, telling me that my family were freaks. That comment flipped a switch in my brain. I was going to blow. I squeezed my eyes shut and told her to be quiet, then Meghan shrieked. I opened my eyes and saw that Meghan's ink dress was covered in ice cream. I looked around and saw that there was not one person close enough to throw ice cream at Meghan. Meghan burst into tears and ran out the parlor. I sat there, confused about what happened. My father sat back down, his eyes were wide. A smile then formed on his lips as we exited the parlor, and he placed me on my shoulders. That's when he told me that I have magic in me, just like him. I was excited. I had seen Father do magic, and I wanted to be just like him. On my eleventh birthday, my Hogwarts letter came. I was very excited. I was going to be just like my father, Hugo Worthington III.
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