Rose Malfoy
Hey! Welcome to my page. Imma geek mkayyyyy. Welp make sure you follow meh and yahhh!
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My Backstory
I was sorted into Slytherin, for my ambition and little evil traits here and there. I was an immediate Slytherin. I love potions class because Professor Snape is the best I love seeing him! My brother Draco and I both come from a long line of pure bloods making us very popular and loved in the Wizarding World. My greatest strength is my ambition because if I want to do something I will do it no matter what it takes. I don't speak of my weaknesses as I don't have any. I mostly use my magic for myself or my best friend Rose Higgens father Lord Voldemort. I have a snowy what owl named Chi. She's just like me but what I love about her is she can cheer me up as soon as I see her on a bad day! I spend most of my time with Rose, wither we are at the Weaslys with Harry and Ian Potter or we are alone we always make each other laugh!