Alaska Warren

Her eyes sparked the beginning of magic itself.

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  • Singapore


<center><font size= 5 color="#082567">Alaska Warren</font></center>
<font color="#082567"> ⟡ Basic Information: </font>
⟼ Name: Alaska R. Warren
⟼ Birth: Alive since November 21
⟼ Race: Lebanese-Filipino
⟼ Relationships: None
⟼ Gen-ID: (L)GBTQ Female

<font color="#082567"> ⟡ Appearance </font>
⟼ Physical: Dark honey brown hair until below chest level, dark round hazel eyes, a little thick, a constellation birthmark on upper left bicep, straight fringe until just below the eyebrows (5'4ft)
⟼ Clothes: Usually found in skater skirts, sleeved tops, letter-man / bomber jackets, any of which in any shade of blue, and white sneakers. Also wears a yellow bracelet on her left wrist.

<font color="#082567"> <center>⟼ ravenclaw board ⟻</center> </font>
⟡ Wand: Veneer, Phoenix feather, 13 inches, Pliant.
⟡ Familiars: Felix Warren, a snowshoe cat.
⟡ Patronus: Not yet produced.

<center><font color="#082567"> the above is only 65% accurate</font></center>
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