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When I, Indigo Blotts, got my Hogwarts letter, I was relatively unsurprised. I grew up in a pureblood family, although my mother is a Squib. My family was upper-middle-class. I grew up the daughter of a prominent bookshop owner in Diagon Alley. My mum, Theodora Blotts, came from an old, intellectual English family, the descendants of the owners of Flourish and Blotts. As a young adult, she met my mama, Shelle Darkwood, who came from a traditional Southern family in New Orleans, while she traveled to Diagon Alley with her family. She grew up middle-class, with a schoolteacher for a mother and a mathematician for a father. By this point, my mama had made a sizeable sum as a genealogist, and my mum had taken up the bookshop and started a manuscript.
A few years later, she published her manuscript, which achieved mild success. Around this time, I was born. My mama continued her job as a genealogist for a few more years, until she got pregnant with my brother, Jeremiah, when she quit, becoming a stay-at-home mother.
My brother and I grew up playing with the children of the other shopkeepers. We knew all the owners of the shops, and would mingle with them. Occasionally, we would sneak into Knockturn Alley with some other children, or run into Gringotts to mingle with Goblins. Unlike many witches and wizards, we were raised with Muggle technology being commonplace. We received our education at home, although the residents of Diagon Alley would often collaborate to make sure every child got a full education. I grew up counting the days until my cousins, Josiah, who was my age, and Fen, who was two years younger, would come and visit-we were close-knit, sharing similar interests and daring thoughts. When I was nine, my youngest brother, Archer was born.
When I began Hogwarts at age 11, with Josiah, I was sorted into Ravenclaw House, and he into Slytherin. I wish to be an artist when I grow up, although I wouldn't mind a historian, magical neuroscientist, or a Magizoologist. I made several close friends, including Ravenclaws David Hawthorne, Rebecca Alemayu, and Arianna Arbor, and Slytherins Kira Griffith and Nayln Payne

NAME: Indigo Darkwood Blotts
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDAY: July 7, 2007
HEIGHT: 5'1 in first year
WAND: Ash, 12 1/2 inches, unicorn hair core
PATRONUS: Marsh Harrier
HOBBIES: Art, writing, reading, geography, travel, design
PET: Owl
FAVORITE COLOR: All shades of blue
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Thin and lanky. Short, brown hair, red cheeks, turned-up nose, and pale skin. Big, dark blue eyes, framed by large, round glasses
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
TRAITS: Quiet, intelligent, logic-based, analytical, kind, passionate, awkward, odd, over-thinking, procrastinator
AMBITION: Gain knowledge

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