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Name: Joey Patterson Grey
Not Gay At All:
Age:14 Turning 15
Appearence: 6 Feet Tall Green Eyes Brown Mop Hair And Average Build Weres Hoodies And Jeans Like All The Time
Personality: Is Modest Is Very Energetic Has Bad Temper At Times Smart But Does Not Show It And Patronus Is A Dragon Can Be Selfish But Very Brave And Protective Is Bold And Cunning But Has A Soft Side
Wand: 13 Inch Sycamore With Dragon Heartstring
Boggart: Wraith
Im Joey And Heres My Backstory: I Was 11 When I Sat In My Room Playing Video Games Wile My Grandma Told Me To Go To Check The Mail When I Opened The Mail Box I Saw A Strange Letter Then I Saw The Hogwarts Crest I Froze My Blood Turned Cold I Walked Quietly Back To My House In Shock My Grandma Did not Believe it Then I Was Dropped Of At Brisbane Airport In Australia Were I Live And When I Got To London I Walked To Platform 9 And Three Quarters I Sat On The Train Next To A Very Pretty Girl With A Pink Bow In Her Hair She Greeted Me With A Smile I Think Her Name Was Lavender Brown Or Somethin At The Sorting Seromoney The Sorting Hat Said Hmmm Great Bravery And Yet Cunningness A Dark Anger Lies Deep Inside Also Smart And Witty Very Well GRYFFINDOR It Yelled And Thats About It.
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