Mika Reid

Elyta but dIfFeReNt

"Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there" Owl City, /The Real World/

  • Joined February 2018
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  • United Kingdom


I used to be Elyta
**The 'i' in Mika is pronounced like the 'i' in mice, not like the i in sink**
Name: I go by Mika Reid
Pronouns: she/they (it depends on the day do whatever)
Country: England at heart, but I’m in America right now
Birthday: March 3
Occupation: I’m a student at the moment; I want to become a novelist (haha i suck at writing but) and a teacher or maybe a lawyer?? i would love to foster rabbits ?? its so early to be making life decisions ??
Height: 5’4
Hair: dark red; my friend tells me this means I will become a vampire when i die which I argue doesn't make sense
Eyes: blue; but I wear brown contacts a lot
Tattoos: I don’t have any permanent tattoos yet but I draw a Tolkien elvish R on my left wrist every day
Sexuality: pansensual asexual
Dominant hand: right (why does any of this matter lol)
Optimist or Pessimist: I consider myself a realist if that’s a thing
Greatest Fear: Being a failure/disappointment, going outside
Hobbies: I write all the time I have a boring life don’t fudging judge me
Introvert/Extrovert: I'm an introvert irl; it mentally drains me to speak with almost anyone in person
Favourite Colour: dark blue, lavender
Favourite Food: I like dark chocolate and nilla wafers ?? noodles are nice ??
Favourite genre of book/movie: Typically fantasy/sci-fi but if the writer is good realistic fiction can be great

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