Hey, stalker you can call me Rin I'm bisexual and bigender. I love music and wrestling. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, bnha, Voltron, and Yuri on Ice

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Jackson Lestrange: I was raised by my aunt and uncle, for the most part, only living with my mom Bellatrix Lestrange when I was old enough to take care of myself. My cousin Draco and I share a brotherly relationship and are very close.
Hair: Jet black undercut
Eyes: Deep blue
Body: Muscular
Hight: 6 foot
Gender: Male

Kyle Pierce: I grew up in California with my adopted parents and then moved to London due to my dad's work when I was only nine.
Hair: Longish, black, and wavey
Eyes: Light blue
Body: fairly muscular
Gender: Male

Landon and Elijah Williams: We grew up in Port Talbot Wales in several community homes and foster parents. For most of our lives only we were all each other had until we got our letters from Hogwarts.
Hair: Dark brown.
Eyes: Deep blue
Body: Tall, thin, slightly muscular
Hight: 6'2
Gender: Male

RP rules:
No godmodding
•Be realistic (you are not the most powerful witch/wizard in the world)
•None of *these*
•Use (( or // when out of character.
•No smut
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