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<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"><font color="blue">Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure</marquee>

<font color="blue">B A C K S T O R Y</font>

<font color="blue">Roleplay character:</font>

<font color="blue">Name: Harrison Blyde</font>

<font color="blue">Age:16</font>

<font color="blue">House: Ravenclaw</font>

<font color="blue">Hybrid: Slytherclaw</font>

<font color="blue">Height: 5'9"</font>

<font color="blue">Ethnicity: English American</font>

<font color="blue">Blood: Half-Blood</font>

<font color="blue">Family Information</font>

<font color="blue">Parents:</font>

<font color="blue">Mother/s: Biological Mother: Grace White. Step-Mother: Angel Williams.</font>

<font color="blue">Father/s: Thomas Blyde</font>

<font color="blue">Harrison's biological Mother and Father engaged in a divorce due to loss of interest between each other. Several months after the break up, Harrison's Father, Thomas Blyde, had met a new and more 'interesting' lady, who is now Harrison's new Mother. Angel Williams (A.K.A Step-Mother) treated Harrison as her own son since she was unfit or unable to have any of her own. Harrison's parents might be shattered, but he's grateful.</font>

<font color="blue">Brother/s: Older: Alexander Blyde (22). </font>

<font color="blue">Sister/s: Younger: Brigdet Blyde (14)</font>

<font color="blue">Both brother and sister have been removed or have left Harrison's household after the break up, they didn't cope that well. The eldest of the Blyde brother's moved out and is now living in an old rental apartment, working at Walmart. Alexander Blyde refuses to recieve any help from Harrison's Father. Bridget, on the other hand was removed and is now living with Harrison's Mother. Bridget gets to see Harrison on Saturday's and sometimes Tuesday's.</font>

<font color="blue">Appearance</font>

<font color="blue">Hair colour: Black</font>

<font color="blue">Eye colour: Light brown</font>

<font color="blue">Facial features: Light freckles on the nose and under the eyes. </font>

<font color="blue">Casual attire: Harrison will usually be wearing a long sleeve shirt with black, grey and/or white pants, with leather shoes.</font>

<font color="blue">Accessories:Harrison might or will be wearing a couple of rings, since they are a manly item to have on, he might also have a hat or beanie on his head.</font>

<font color="blue">Personality</font>

<font color="blue">Harrison might come off as snobbish or maybe a tad rude, but you'll really have to get to know him.</font>

<font color="blue">He also has many different type of moods (I dare you to name them all)</font>

<font color="blue">He's not as obnoxious as some people might say he is, but is does have an ego.</font>

<font color="blue">Harrison, finds himself hilarious. He likes a good laugh and the occasional pun. He cringes at people in general.</font>

<font color="blue">THE END (Tbc)</font>

<font color="blue">Updated: 25/02/2018</font>

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