Wilhelmina Aubrey Riddle

Call me Wil

I’m the type of girl who could have tears streaming down her face but still insists that everything is fine. I’m not as strong as you think, you know.

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Wilhelmina Aubrey Riddle

Books I’m writing:
The Years Of Shadows-To Be Voldemort’s Daughter
Make sure you check it out in the HIH Library!!! XD Thanks for the support

More about the ‘real me’
Name: Lisa (can’t give my full name, if we’re close I’ll tell you eventually)
Age: 14
Patrounous: Rat
Wand: Vine wood with a Unicorn hair core 14 ¼" and Solid flexibility
Birthday: 8th of August 2004
House: Slytherin
Ilvermorny House: Wampus
Hobby: Reading, Writing, Listening to music

RP Rules:
~I guess I’m fine with people swearing, I swear sometimes too if I’m playing a pretty badass version of Wilhelmina, just don’t fill the whole place with with swear words.
~Don’t be sexual. And if we’re doing a romantic RP, don’t ever mistaken anything and think that I’m really falling in love with you. Please, I’m not into online dating. And sexual RP just make me sick.
~Use third person perspective. Unless I suggest that a first person perspective would be better.
~If I’m doing a private RP with you, it definitely has to take place at Hogwarts.
~Don’t create a new character out of nowhere. Even if creating a new character is really fun...

Wilhelmina was a child that was in hiding prior before she received her Hogwarts letter. She is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, and a descendant of Voldemort himself. Everyone knows of his daughter, Delphini, who was famous for her revenge against the Wizarding World. However, Wilhelmina was another child of Voldemort, his mother was unknown. She had searched for her for many years (one of the reason why she secretly left her home at age 6, to the fury of her father) , but the result was disappointing.

When the second Wizarding War started, Wilhelmina did not take sides, a very intelligent decision of hers, as she knew that this would keep her very safe. She successfully mixed into a family of muggles, who thought she was an orphan and treated her very well, sending her into a Muggle school etc. Although she was in the Muggle world she kept track of what was going on from her Witch neighbour, who discovered that Wilhelmina is a witch when she accidentally displayed signs of magic, and not knowing her identity, volunteered to teach her spells.

Wilhelmina was a fast learner and gained favour from her witch neighbour almost instantly, some charisma she perhaps inherited from her father. When her Hogwarts letter arrived, she was careful to hide it away from her host. She told her that she was accepted into a foreign academy and would come back every summer to join them. She thanked the host again for her accommodation and there she set off for her adventure. But these were after stories.

Wilhelmina’s childhood before she ran away was a nightmare. She did indeed leave for her mother, who was definitely a witch, as she knew Voldemort would have wanted nothing to do with Muggles. But there were dozens of other reasons. Since she was young, she watched innocent Muggles being tortured for the fun of it, and witnessed many Death Eater attacks. Although she was young, she knew what was right or wrong, and she knew the man she called father was no good soul. She could feel no love, and the only education she received was that she should mess with no Muggles etc.

Voldemort thought things could never go wrong with these teachings, but the reality was the complete opposite. Wilhelmina had a Muggle friend, who was the only accompany she had during her lonely childhood. She took Wilhelmina to the local library (without her Father noticing of course), where Wilhelmina learnt that not everything her father said was true. Her later years proved this. Her Muggle Friend, however, was eventually discovered and killed brutally, to Wilhelmina’s horror. This provoked her and she left the house.

Kmowing that her father would track her down, she changed her name and lived with the Muggle communities for the next few years.

<pt>People that I interact with:
Egg-A friend that I hate XD
Zach-Someone I used to know :P
Jane, Athena, Alice, Nia, Winter, Dmitri-RP BFFs
Zack and Max Riddle-Riddle Family Members
Quincy-Quote Inspirier (And yas hon ya trending XD)
Victoire-Someone who encourages me write books
Rhi, Anna, River-Peeps that I can truly talk to XD
Aliana-An amazing girl that I love
Adeline-The one that offered me a hug when I’m down
Jason, Appia, Magnus, Serafina, Wolfia, -You were the ones that were with me when everything was lost...And
Ava-whose poem inspired me to be a better man

If I forgot you, my friend, hit me up and I’ll slap myself. Oh, and I’ll make sure I put you in my Friend list.

<pt> Names people like to call me:
Wilhelmina-Perfectly everyone else...XD

Me (left) and my Best Friend Samantha (right)

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