Gabriella Ollivander

2nd Year Student

I aM reALlY wIErd. DEal WiTH iT.

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I'm a 2nd year Gryffindor. I am Pure-blood, and my parents own Ollivanders Wand Shop.I love potions and Charms, hate Astronomy, and like History of Magic. I like to read and write, as well as draw. I have short dark brown hair, blue eyes, and I am 5 feet 2 inches. When I'm older, I want to be a Ministry worker or an artist, I have a dog named Lafayette and a cat named Alexander (anyone get the reference?). I really like the Muggle musical Hamilton, as you can tell from my pet's names. I also like Mary Poppins and Robin Hood. My favorite thing to do is paint.

NAME: Gabriella Catherine Acacia Ollivander
PRONOUNS: she/her
AGE: 12
FAMILY: Martha Harper Ollivander(mom), Richard Jacobs (dad)
LOOKS: straight brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 2"
PERSONALITY: nice, crazy, thoughtful, happy, funny
Hayley Johnson (Hail!)
Annabeth Granger (Bananaaaaaa!!!)
Allison Jackson (Allie:))
Rosely (real life best buds!! Maimai the piepie!)
Brooke Malfoy: (CRAZY BROOKY)
Luna (Cat protectors!)
Vivienne Rose (rp sis!)
Kaeden Williams (Stay strong)

If I forgot someone, I'm REALLY SORRY!! Please tell me and I will add you.

Other Characters:

Matthew Jacobs: Me, but a boy. Otherwise the same.

George Hayley
Age: 7- 13 (depends on roleplay. He's basically my 'little kid' character.)
Appearance: short, light brown hair, on the larger side, light blue eyes
Personality: Shy, quiet, funny, calm, kind, bookworm, thoughtful, smart but no one knows.
Blood Status: halfblood
House: Ravenclaw
Family: Lisa Hayley is his mother. His siblings, in order of age, are Gigi, James, Kai, Ryan, Lucy, Gabriella and Isabella (twins), Maya, and Lola. He is the oldest, followed by Lola.
George Hayley was born into a family of ten. His father had died years ago in an accident at the ministry, and his mother worked day and night to provide. Though his dad was a wizard, his mother, a muggle, hates magic. He was the oldest and was expected to take care of the little kids while his mother worked. He is closest to his little sister Lola, who is closest in age to him. He does not have many friends and is very self-conscious. He has no pets, but he has always wanted a cat. He spends his free time drawing and reading. He does not think of himself as smart but he really is.

Lola Hayley:
Age: 9 to 14
Blood status: halfblood
House: Hufflepuff
Appearance: long, messy red-brown hair, light blue eyes, tall, thin. Looks a lot like her brother.
Personality: funny, energetic, effervescent (look it up), caring, clever, likes to play pranks
Lola Hayley is the second oldest of ten, but she acts like the youngest and loves to play with her little siblings. She is closest to her older brother, and they spend lots of time together. She loves to sew and made her own dress for the Yule Ball. She also likes to paint and has a job making signs for Hogsmeade shops. She is thoughtful and it sometimes seems like she can read your mind. she always carries a notebook and pencil in case inspiration strikes and is constantly blurting out random inspirational quotes she finds on the web at the most irrelevant times.

Name: Aeli (pronounced EYE-lee) Harvard
Age: 12
District: 11. Cousin is peacekeeper, but family is dirt poor.
Personality: shy, quiet, smart, witty, funny, outgoing when you get to know her
Looks: Petite, red hair, green eyes, big ears, doll-like, 5 feet tall
Weapon: Spanish Sword
Family: (neice of Rue)
Mother: Ghana Harvard
Father: Aeloh Harvard
Siblings (oldest to youngest): Tuni, Erit, Mali, Algeri, Niger, Aeli, Lilu

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