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Hi,I Iz Dou


Why Are You Here?

Welcome To Double's,The Gay Straight guys wall!

Eddie's Right Hand Minion.</p<

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If you're looking to wall stalk, you turned to the wrong wall.

Don't tell me to stop cursing: *cough*(R.I.P)Winter Scamander, Annabeth Granger.

About me((Not that it is important to you))

Name in real life: I only tell close friends.

Age: I only tell close friends.

Wears: Button up shirts and skinny jeans.

Sexuality: Straighter than the pole your mom dances on./you might notice i say stuff gay and most stuff i like girls like.

Race: Hispanic/American.

Sex: Boy

Relationship status: Crushing.

Nicknames,Dr,Egg,Eggie,Egg,Dou,McEggie,McEgg,doubly, and last but not least,fuck off Egg.

Height: Error, file HK32 can't handle request.

Favorite color: Pink.

People i mostly talk to on HiH,kiro,Indigo,Rhi, Zack,
Brooklyn,Athena,Appia S.C.Driftie
Wilhelmina Aubrey Riddle, D a n i s h a .

if i forgot you then spam my wall.
Favorite music/band: Imagine Dragons,Imagine Dragons Whatever it Takes.

Info about me/appearance.
I have black long hair,you will always see me wearing skinny jeans and button up shirts and i will be getting glasses soon.I have 2 dogs,Ze,Chico.I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

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