Katniss Potter
50% Potterhead ~ 45% Llamacorn ~ 5% Normal Human... ;)
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My Backstory
Full Name: Miss Katniss Leia Potter
Gender: Female
Age: First Year
Nationality: English
Wand: 10 3/4 inches, cypress wood, unicorn hair core, unyielding flexibility
House: Hufflepuff (and proud!)
Familiar: A Ragdoll Kitten called Cookies
HiH Courses: COMC 201; DADA 101; HERB 101; PTNS 101
Fave course: Care of Magical Creatures

My name is Katniss Potter. I grew up on a Muggle farm with my brother, sister, mum, dad, and Labrador Retriever named Badger. When I got my acceptance letter for Hogwarts, my family of Muggles were all shocked. As soon as I got there I was Sorted almost instantly into Hufflepuff house. Now I am halfway through my first year.