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I'm in Gryffindor, but the sorting hat seriously considered putting me in Ravenclaw. I'm brave and bold, courageous to stand up to anything, but really care about my grades. I can't help that I'm smart, either. I'm kind to almost everyone, and super happy to make as many friends and least enemies as possible, and super determined to reach my goals. I actually happened to have a 3 minutes hat stall. My favorite classes have got to be charms, defense against the dark arts, and transfiguration. My least favorite is potions, but probably because they aren't my best subject. I am also good at history of magic, but it is quite boring. I happen to be muggle born, but I'm pretty sure that I've good some magic in my relatives somewhere. Surprisingly yet thankfully, people don't really seem to mind. I've only had a few problems in the past, but just things like little fights. I never let anyone get in my way. I was born after Voldemort was defeated, so I don't really know what it was like. I have read lots about it though! My greatest strength is probably my courage to stand up to anyone or anything that threatens me or my friends. My greatest weakness? Why would I tell you that? After I finish school, I am either hoping to become an auror or teacher here at Hogwarts. I feel that the most fascinating thing about magic is how you can just do pretty much anything. Anything at all. It's super useful! In the future, I hope to use my magic to help others and myself. At the moment, the thing I want the most is.. well... fame. Not in a bad way! I just think.. it's kind of my thing. I have one dog named Zoe, but I call her Zoyka. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and is kind of spoiled, but super friendly. I'm part Russian, but mostly American. I know I could go to Ilvermorny, but I heard many great things about Hogwarts, so that was my decision.
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