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Analeise LaVane comes from a long lineage of magic. When she was small she always anticipated the day that she would receive her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Her mother and father would often get agitated at how often she would lay by the front door awaiting her special letter. The day it finally arrived was the most wonderful day to Analeise. She couldn't contain her excitement as she rushed around the house to show her parents, and despite their slight annoyance, they were truly happy for their daughter.

When it was time for Analeise to leave for Hogwarts she was more than ready. She had it all planned out in her head how she was going to present herself to her peers to make sure she got her points across and made friends right off the bat. She had stepped on the train with pure confidence radiating from her body and stood with her head held high. She might've gotten a few strange looks from others aboard the train but none of that mattered to her. She happily found a place amongst the others until their arrival.

When they all had arrived at Hogwarts Analeise was practically beaming. One by one students shuffled to get off the train as quickly as possible before any of them got a chance to make a last minute decision and change their mind.

After everyone was settled it was time to go to the Great Hall to begin the sorting process. This was something that Analeise had been taught not to worry about. 'You belong in Slytherin.' Her mother would say. 'You come from a family of Pureblood Slytherin, you'll do fine dear.' Her father would also chime in. And yet, here she was, standing nervously in front of Professors and Prefects galore.

She heard each name as they were being called but didn't fully listen to what house they were being sorted into, she was too busy worrying in her mind. What if I don't get sorted into Slytherin like I've always been told I would? What if wherever else I'm sorted, mother and father will hate me? Will I be the laughing-stock of this year?

When all of the tension and worried thoughts died down a little, it was finally time for Analeise to be sorted. She stepped up to to the Sorting Hat with immense hesitance and took a seat. The Sorting Hat talked for about a minute or so about her ambitions and what she hopes to achieve with her time spent at Hogwarts.

"I hope to be remembered for my loyalty, honesty, and integrity." She said while trying to balance the shakiness of her own voice.

"I see." said the hat. "You've got a good head on your shoulders. You care about your well being while also caring about those around you. You have outstanding qualities and it would be such a waste to let those just sit. You have the heart of a Gryffindor, no?"


"No? But you practically have the heart of a lion, and the bravery of one as-well. I think you'd fit in perfectly." There's a twisted laugh beneath the words uttered by the object, and it makes Analeise clench her fists in anticipation and doubt.

"That's not what I want. I cannot be sorted into Gryffindor." She expresses in what she hopes will come across as confident, but to everyone else the only thing being heard is the protests of a child.

The Sorting Hat release a laugh and continues. "If that's truly what you believe, I will let you find that out on your own... SLYTHERIN!"

Analeise releases a breath that had been held for too long. She had almost got sorted into Gryffindor. She would've been a joke to her family. She couldn't let that happen, regardless of what the Sorting Hat says he's qualities are. She is where she belongs, and she truly believes it. She will make her family pride continue.

There are claps being heard all around her as she walks towards the Slytherin table but the only thing she can focus on is how she almost screwed up everything on her first day. Thank Merlin for negotiation.
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