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If I accidentally forget an RP that I'm doing with you owl me and I will make sure to find it to continue it with you.

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{Character info}
First name: Oliver
Middle name: Neyo
Last name: Miles
Full name: Oliver Neyo Miles
Wand: Ebony wood with a Unicorn hair core, 13 ¾" in length, Slightly Springy flexibility
Patronus: Piebald Mare
Personality: Funny, caring, sometimes a prankster, optimistic at times
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Pets: A white and black spotted kitten named Moo - Moo
{Basic outwards appearance of Oliver}
Hair color: Blue (But sometimes with a purple streak in some rps.)
Eye color: Grey (His left eye is grey and his right eye is blue in some rps.)
Glasses: Only when he wants to wear them but he mainly wears contacts.
{Random facts}
1) Oliver hates sweets but brownies and cookies are a exception.
2) Oliver loves swimming.
3) Oliver can or will be childish at times
Outfit 1) A flannel (either wrapped around my waist or I'm wearing it.) with a black tank top or shirt with grey jeans and black shoes
Outfit 2) A black suit with a black bowtie
Outfit 3) A grey hoodie and blue jeans with black shoes
{Rp Rules}
1) If I fall in love with you in the RP, it may only stay in that RP with a few exceptions
2) No godmodding
3) Please react! For example, if I say, "Oliver swung his sword at the person, hitting him/her in the arm," Don't go, "But, _____ walked calmly away."
4) If I accidentally forgot an RP, just send me an Owl or post something on my wall.
On a winter night, Oliver was born into a family of bad people. People could tell he was different because he had not been born with the familiar green eyes of the family instead he had grey eyes and he was nice to muggles and other witches and wizards which was weird for his family. So, they tried to change him because anything different was thought of as a threat to the family. One day, they asked him to be apart of their little cult of worshiping the dark lord. He refused. So, of course, they didn't like that so they put him in the attic. But, Oliver had a glimpse of hope because of his brother, John, his brother always showed him that things will get better and to not let them take away your unique personality. Jacob, the star child of the family, put ideas into their parents' heads of ways to punish Oliver. They decided that they would start starving him, only giving him one piece of bread a day. Oliver's saddest day finally came. Oliver's second oldest brother, John, disappeared. Oliver felt lonely because he knew his brother was the only one who cared about him and he could always turn to John for advice. But, things only turned worse. Everything went downhill for Oliver when he got sorted into Gryffindor. Being even friends with a Gryffindor was considered a threat to the family name let alone being one. So, whenever he got home for the summer Oliver got yelled at for being a so-called "disappointment" and a "devil child." Oliver then started to grow immune to their insults and screaming.
{A few facts about me in real life.}
1) I'm gender fluid but chose to have a boy oc
2) I hate people taking pictures of me.
3) I probably won't post pictures of real life me for various reasons.

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