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 daughter of aphrodite  gryffindor, model. 


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 name  Aurelie Taylor Mclean


   au, relie, tay, mclean, psycho, pretty girl

   aphrodite girl, piper's #1 fan

 age/dob  depends on the rp! (june 13th)

 kind  halfblood, halfblood? (demigod)


   thomas mclean (grandfather)

   esmeralda mclean (grandmother)

   tristan mclean (uncle)

   tiana mclean (mother)

   aphrodite (mother)

   juniper mclean (nee clement (step-mom)

   piper mclean (cousin and maternal half-sister)

   aphrodite's cabin (maternal half-siblings)

 affiliation  olympus, camp halfblood/jupiter, hogwarts 

 residence   camp halfblood, mclean-clement manor  


     alessandra - a sword (the handle is in a rose gold color) made of imperial gold disguised as a necklace when not in use.

   i'm not messing around - a collection of celestial    bronze daggers that she puts under her pillows or    carries with her disguised as sugar quills. her favorite dagger is this one given by her step mom.


 hogwarts house   gryffindor   

 ilvermorny house   wampus   

 wand   13" aspen wood, phoenix feather core and slightly springy flexibility  

 patronus   lioness  

 animagus?   no. absolutely not  

 metamorphagus?   kinda? she can change her appearance at will because it is one of  the abilities a child of aphrodite has.  

 boggart   hellhound


 appreance  aurelie is often described as a tall (5 foot 11 inches) and beautiful girl of native american descent. she has an athletic built and tan skin from the days of training under the sun. she has long, black hair that often changes color depending on what she likes in the moment. she also has bright pink eyes


do you wonder why piper mclean's - daughter of aphrodite and jason grace's girlfriend - grandmother was never mentioned? it's because esmeralda mclean was a witch. thomas mclean was enraged when he found out esmeralda was a witch and their daughter was also a witch; and in pure rage, he ordered the two to leave him and tristan alone, as they don't want to be known as the witch's husband and son. a saddened esmeralda left with tiana - who was only a year old - and obliviated thomas and tristan, planting fake memories that she had left him for another man.

   esmeralda raised tiana mclean in england where tiana grew to be a skilled witch that everyone of hogwarts adores, tiana was skilled with charms and duelling that made her land into an auror position when she graduated. tiana was looked up to by everybody with her talents, wit and beauty. but behind that perfect facade is a secret; tiana liked girls and that was an outrage back then.

somebody managed to know about her sexuality and it spreaded like wildfire, this caused tiana to lose her job at the ministry and to be ridiculed by everyone. she had hit her rock bottom; and with nowhere to go, she left england and made a new life as michelle jones in america in which she became a minor actress and worked with tristan mclean (who was actually her brother.) and that was when tiana met the love of her life; that girl in the makeup department whose beauty stood out from the rest. tiana and the bubbly girl (named pamela) had a loving relationship that lasted for almost two years.

   during that years, pamela confessed to tiana that she was actually aphrodite- the goddess of love. the goddess was nervous for tiana's reaction, but the witch smiled and told her a confession- that she was a witch.

and on that day, we all know what happened.

as they were cuddling in bed, aphrodite notices a photo frame on tiana's bedside. the goddess Asked tiana about it in which she told her about what happened to her mom when she told her dad that she was a witch.

   "that was the reason why i was jittery when i met tristan," said tiana, "because he was my brother."

and with that said, aphrodite left their shared apartment and never came back. weeks after that, tiana found out that she was pregnant. tiana was panicking, houw could she be pregnant if the only action she had as with a girl?

    and that was when it hit her.

her goddess girlfriend can change appearance at her will- like a metamorphagus. and she didn't remember her using a--

    and that was when she realized it how crazy it was.

    she was pregnant with the goddess of love's child.

tiana moved to england shortly after, telling her family that she had a relationship with a goddess and somehow, that goddess made her pregnant. at first, the family laughed about it. but, seeing as tiana was serious about it, they panicked.

then, on june 13th; year 2000, aurélie taylor mclean was born in st. mungo's. taylor grew up to be a very curious and adventurous kid, she idolized harry potter for his bravery and was very excited to go to hogwarts and be the best quidditch captain there ever was.

   but, when she was eight, she was pulled away from her dreams when she and her mom suddenly flew back to america, turns out that monsters were in england to kill her.

tiana then met sally jackson on her way to bring her confused (and crying) daughter to what aphrodite called a camp. sally thought that tiana was abusing taylor but tiana told her that she was trying to find a camp, sally immediately knew it was camp halfblood tiana was mentioning when she saw some disguised monster not that near yet not that far from them.

"so," sally said as she drove faster, trying to outrun the monsters. "who is her godly parent?"

   "aphrodite." replied tiana.

"aphrodite?" sally asked, surprised.

   tiana sighed, "yes."

"okay, i'm not going to ask any questions further."

as they reached camp halfblood, they left taylor in thalia's pine tree. where tiana-who was crying-obliviated her daughter, she wiped her memories about her mother and the wizarding world. taylor only remembered her name.

   taylor grew up at camp halfblood, she exhibited some accidental magic that confused some demigods, thinking that she was the daughter of hecate. let's just say they were shocked when taylor was claimed by aphrodite.

   taylor had a great life as she moved in to aphrodite's cabin, she befriended her siblings and everyone swore that the girl was even more prettier when she was claimed. taylor was a skilled swordswoman that often rivaled percy jackson's swordsmanship. she made friends with will solace who was a son of apollo and rachel dare.

taylor can remember that day she met her cousin and half-sister piper, she was confused; why does this girl has the same surname as of her AND looks like her? are they related? but nonetheless, their bond was inseperable.

   then, after the second giant war, aphrodite visits taylor. taylor was surprised to see that aphrodite visited her finally, how was she supposed to react?

"how is your mother?" asked aphrodite, taylor was confused; isn't she her mother?

   "what do you mean, mother?" taylor asked back, the goddess frowned.

"she took away your memory...." she muttered, before extending her hand in front of taylor. "come, my child."

    "to where, mother?"


as they were on olympus, they visited hecate who brews taylor a memory potion. taylor did regained her memories back and bursted into tears, hecate left the room for the two's privacy. aphrodite then told taylor her own favorite memories of her mother.

"why do you care about her?" taylor asked, aphrodite gave her a solemn smile.

    "that's the question i've been asking myself for years now, my daughter." she told her, "i love her as much i love ares." the goddessed then stared at the scenery.

"so, that much?"

"that much, dearie."

will questions answered and her bond with her godly parent strengthened, taylor packed her bags and flew to england with a disguised aphrodite. they came up to the front gates of the mclean-clement manor in which tiana surprisingly answered the gates.

"aphrodite?" tiana said in tears. aphrodite smiled warmly at the witch, looking over taylor who was nervous looking and fiddled with her bag. tiana averted her gaze to their daughter. "is this-"

   "aurélie, yes." aphrodite answered, "you don't know how much of a warrior she has become, and she's here to live with you and your wife. she is safe now."

tiana gazed over daughter with glassy eyes, before tackling taylor into a hug, "i'm so sorry-"

   "it's alright, mother. i forgive you." taylor said, "you only did that to protect me from the ministry and the monsters, yes?"

    tiana sniffed, her tears overflowing. "i love you, tay."

   "love you too mom."

tiana pulled away, laughing. "bloody hell! you sound too american for me. is there a way to take this away?"

   "i believe not, she's a california girl at heart." said aphrodite as the family laughed together. tiana looked over her former lover and smiled, "thank you for taking care of taylor."

    aphrodite smiled, "you're welcome, tiana. i must go now." she said before she dissolved into white light.

now alone, tiana smiled and looked over her daughter, "why not we go inside and meet your step-mommy and lil bro?"

taylor grinned, "i would like that.


 adhd  like most demigods, taylor has inborn supernatural battle reflexes that she uses to analyze her opponent's fighting style (which is great with duelling)

 you're a natural, miss mclean.  taylor is great at charms and duelling like her mother. though she is really bad at potions and herbology.

 yer a demigod, tay!  taylor is the daughter of aphrodite to tiana mclean. though it's unclear how the goddess got her pregnant.

 what's your powers?.  being a daughter of aphrodite, taylor gained abilities such as: amokinesis, can read emotions, magical control over clothes, makeup and jewelry, permanent makeup, can change their appearance at will, charmspeak, high social abilities and being fluent in french.

 me mum's a goddess, crazy right?  everyone knew about her demigod heritage when an empousai suddenly appeared during the great hall, and kept screaming "you'll die, daughter of aphrodite!" at taylor as they fight.

 i'll bet my life that holyhead harpies will win!  taylor's a huge quidditch fan that she worships her favorite team, holyhead harpies.

 + more trivia to be added!  text


 yes to  good grammar (but it's okay if it's not that great!), third person, according to the au, fun

 no to  one word or one sentence replies, god modding, you playing my character


 maureen creed (irl bestie ily)  name name name name name name name name



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