Cassie Lakewood


"Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie."

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Name: Cassiopeia Lakewood
Nicknames: Cass, Cassie
Cassie was abandoned as a baby at a muggle orphanage, presumably by her parents. Next to nothing was known about her, only a scant bit of information gathered from a note pinned to her blanket, a note that stated, "This is my baby Cassiopeia. Please raise her to be a good woman in a bad world."
As the years flew by, Cassie grew up lonely and unloved, teased mercilessly by the other occupants of the strict catholic orphanage. The unhappy childhood caused her to withdraw from a happy, smiling child to a rebellious, moody teenager. Her love of leather jackets and motorcycles brought unwelcome punishments from the orphanage. Most of her time was spent alone in the alleys of London, resulting in her knowing the city better than anyone else she'd met.
The dawn of her eleventh birthday saw Cassie preparing to run away for good, but stopped because of a letter. Her first ever letter, from Hogwarts. Seeing it as an out from her current life, she accepted, and here she stands at Hogwarts today.
Age: 15
Birthday: August 17
Nobody knows when her real birth date is, so the day she was left at the orphanage became her honorary birthday.
Gender: Female
If you haven't guessed already, Cassie is a girl. Status: single.
Blood Type, Nationality, Familial Background: All unknown. Cassie's hope is to someday discover her heritage.
Pet: a barn owl named Isadora.
Wand: 9" vine wood, Phoenix feather core
Boggart: being lonely and abandoned
Patronus: phoenix
Likes: photography, quidditch, treacle tarts, blue, green
Dislikes: liars, most shades of pink
Appearance: hazely green eyes, with thick dark lashes and flecks of gold. Long, wavy light brown hair. Rather short, and average weight. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she has a scattered few freckles.
Other: Cassie has a flower shaped birthmark on her wrist, and a small tattoo of a serpent on her shoulder, that no one usually sees. She is also an unregistered animagus, but plans to register when she comes of age.
Song: I Will Leave A Light On~Tom Walker
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