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Heyo! Welcome bio stalkers and other weirdos! This is a little bit about me, enjoy!

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----> INFO <----
- Height: Fun sized ;P
- Eyes: Bright blue eyes
- Fierce brows ;P
- Age: Under 18 ya perv
- Pronouns: She/Her
- Sexuality: Hahahaha
- Relationship Status: Currently loving me <3

----> FAMILY <----
- Parents divorced
- 2 younger siblings
- That's it, you don't need to know any more about my family ya creepo

----> SCHOOL SHTUFF <----
- Hogwarts House: I'm a proud puff ;D
- Patronus: Leapordess
- Wand: Willow wood, acorn on the handle, swishy and flexible
- Ilvermorny House - Horned Serpent

- Likes: Cacti, succulents, plants in general, the ocean, summer, rain
- Dislikes: Stupid people, assholes, toxic masculinity
- Important Beliefs: Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, Equality
- Favorite Word: Crisp :D
- I Don't Understand: People who are boys, people who are girls, people in general, DEMONS WHO SAY GOLDFISH ARE "CRACKERS"

- Don't be nasty, I'm under 18 ya creeps
- I'm fine with improper grammar but pls make it readable
- Don't be a jerk
- Swearing is fine (FUCK YA)

SO YA that's about it! If you read through all of that you must really be a stalker ;P

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