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First thing u need to know ‘bout me is that I LOVE Starbucks!! Costa is good but they don’t do PINK UNICORN DRINKS!!!! Don’t talk shit ‘bout Starbucks in front of me or I will chop ur head off! Btw did I mention that I LOVE STARBUCKS!!!! Just wanted to make sure u knew. Lol, I’m crazy!! CRAZY ‘BOUT STARBUCKS!! Don’t feel threatened btw. I’m always like this. My friends think I should go to a mental asylum and let’s just say I’m not the most popular girl at school. Anyways I should probs tell u a bit ‘bout myself since that’s kinda what a backstory is for I guess. Oh and btw I’m sorry for the swearing, I can’t rlly help it. Anyway, info;

My name is Anenome Kara Greek and I’m properly English, well, Manchester anyway, so when I talk ppl kinda laugh. Only coz they aren’t used to it in Scotland I guess. My mums English but my dads Scottish. My mum went to Scotland for holiday once and met my dad. He moved in with her down in London and got married ‘bout 3 years later. I was then born a year later and grew up in London. ‘Bout a year ago, my dad’s sister, my aunt, had a baby boy. The baby’s dad had moved to Australia before my aunt got to tell him the news and still doesn’t know. She asked my dad if we could move in with her to help and he agreed since we were actually close to getting evicted (I’m using my phone and u do not know how my times it autocorrected me!!) anyway coz the rent is to high. I’ve had a few boyfriends since we moved to Scotland but nobody has been better than my old BF I had to break up with coz we were moving. His name was Jake and he was the best. I’m not dating anybody the now but I kinda like it that way. At one point I actually had a crush on a REALLY pretty girl called Ivy but shhh, don’t tell anyone!! I don’t rlly call myself LGBT+ but she was honestly the most beautiful girl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! Me and her actually became rlly good friends coz of a time we had to partner up and do a project on Arianna Grande. Lol. Wow!! This backstory must be soooo long! Sorry!!! Soz... better go anyways, I think the teacher saw me!!!! Bye babes!!

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