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I'm Anne, with an E. My father died in the battle of Hogwarts. You may know him, Fred Weasley. Fred married my mother without telling anyone because he had promised George that they would get married together. My mother, Helena Shirley, who was a muggle died very soon after my father did. Guess they couldn't live apart. I was raised up in an orphanage. Many families adopted me so I can help them with house work. By the time I was eleven, Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert adopted me and let me in their family. Soon after I was adopted Mcgonagall visited us and told us about the wizarding world. She soon realized I was Fred's daughter by the picture i had from him. She introducedme to my real family. Molly, my grandmother cried the first time we met cause she said I reminded her of Fred. When I saw uncle George for the first tome i literally had an heart attack. I never knew my father had a twin. He told me all about my father and the pranks they did back in their Hogwarts days. He told me I should carry on their legacy. Uncle Ron and his wife, Hermione, helped me a lot with all the magic stuff cause Hermione had to go through all these too because she was a muggle-born. The Potters are great specially Albus. I hoped he was in Griffindor so we could be closer but I don't mind he's in slytherin. Actually Albus, scorpius and I are bestfriends and we usually hang out together
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