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Name: Lydia Lecarta Lesta
Age: 11 (January 15, 2011)
Birthplace: Canterbury, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Early Life
Lydia Lecarta Lestat was born to Edward and Gwendolyn Lestat on January 15, 2011, in Canterbury, England. Lydia was a quiet child and spent most of her time in her father's greenhouse, helping out in her family's shop (Lestat's World of Herbs & Potions), or trying to sneak into her mother's potions lab.
When she is three her brother, Leighton Lestat, is born. The siblings are best friends. As she grows up her parents notice her accidental magic, when she is four there is an instance of her getting angry when a toy was taken away and having it fly to her. In addition to this, her brother hasn't shown any signs of magic so far, but the family still has hope.
The Lestats is an old wizarding family of Hufflepuffs. Her parents met at Hogwarts. Although her mother was a Muggleborn the Lestats were welcoming and accepting of her blood states into the family.

Hogwarts Letter
The memorable day Lydia got her Hogwarts letter was a day she would never forget. She was so thrilled to attend this new school, new environment, new experiences. When the first bout of homesickness settled in those thoughts changed. She missed her parents, her younger brother. But Hogwarts was something new, and Lydia knew that there where great things ahead.

The Sorting
When Lydia had gotten sorted she knew she wanted to be in Hufflepuff. Even though her father and his entire family where Hufflepuffs, she had always wanted to follow in her father's footsteps, wanted to become just as great at potions as her mother is.
When the hat had first sat upon her head it had talked about her brother, how loyal she was to him, how much he meant to her, how she stood up for him, how she protected him. She had determinedly sat there as the sorting hat decided. She could not deny anything that the hat was saying, it could read her mind after all, and with a loud voice, the hat proclaimed.
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