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My Backstory
welcome to my wall ^^
nothing to see here...

I can put on an old record if you'd like?

Do you prefer coffee or tea? I have sleepytime and mint

Of course fall and winter are my favourite seasons

it's quite silly, really, but I love the holidays.

Settle down, now. Maybe we'll find out more about each other if this goes on long enough

how's the tea? It's awfully cold out there, maybe the fireplace will warm you up.

Oh! It's a favourite song of mine..

Harry Potter Magical Wand


Q: What are your interests?
A: Making things and stories. Writing, Crafting, Drawing, Painting, Cooking, Dancing, Exploring, Traveling, Talking, Reading, Listening to music, Discussing, Debating, Watching movies, Singing.

Q: How are you?
A: I'm good. A tad overloaded with work and a bit tired but generally content.

Q: Are you English, and if so, how English are you?
A: Very. Very very English. Tea is my religion and Queen Elizabeth is my god. I reckon I'll die from politeness overdose one day.

Q: What books/tv shows/songs are you currently taking interest in?
A: • Books: Monstress, The Lonely City, Good Omens, Hellboy:The Chained Coffin

• TV shows: Doctor Who (series 11), MadMen, We bare bears, Twin Peaks, Sherlock, Peaky Blinders

• Songs: The Cigarette Duet (Princess Chelsea), Corduroy Dreams (Rex Orange County), This is the last time (The National), Anything by Marina and the Diamonds, Let's fall in love (Vic Damone), Manhattan (Ella Fitzgerald)

Q: What's your appearance?
A: Much like my profile picture. Pale skin, hazel eyes, dark brown sleek hair. On the thin side. Slightly shorter than average but not by much.

Q: How can we become friends?
A: Just talk to me! I'll talk to anyone who can hold a conversation and isn't overly judgmental or obnoxious. Feel welcome to message me, post on my wall, etc.

Q: What's your orientation?
A: I'm a bisexual sub girl, although it likely won't come up.

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