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Just a Hufflepuff student hoping to join the ministry in the Magical Creatures department. I want to work in preservation mainly, but any other areas involving magical creatures are my passion also. I could have been sorted into Gryffindor, if it wasn't for my undying value for loyalty - I am in a pureblood family line (not that it matters) and my parents were both Hufflepuffs too, my brother a Gryffindor. I am an openly bisexual/panromantic witch, one whom is very liberal and accepting of all types of people. If you ever need to talk to someone, talk to me! Do not be afraid to approach me. I dont't want people to suffer in silence or feeling like they don't have a friend in this big, scary world. I am a pollo pescatarian and an animal rights activist both for magical and muggle animals - I don't judge anyone based on their views on anything! I ask for the same for myself.

Traits: Friendly, bubbly, studious, ocassionally low, often very tired, neurotic, brave, silly, considerate, loyal, caring, patient, trust issues, can be cold so people who hurt me (though I never would treat them with mallice), protective, defensive, optimist, realist.

//NOTE: The image on this profile is genuine and my authentic self! Please don't re-use it :)

PS. Hope you love the pink hair I'm rocking! Just don't call me Nymphadora ;)

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