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The sorting hat chose Slytherin because I was so ambitious that I wanted to show the world that not all slytherins are bad or cunning or the like. It almost took 2-3 minutes because the sorting hat wanted to sort me into ravenclaw because of my interest in researching all the arts (dark or gray or light) and also Voldemort . I am obsessed in the way he thinks and works. It doesn't mean am all dark and a fan of him. I don't support his 'muggleborn execution thingy'. I'm just saying if he had been a little more sane and different thinking and all he would have made a good change in the world. My favourite class is potions. I am a pureblood. My blood status didn't affect anything but my sorting did cause my father was a gryffindor and my mother a ravenclaw. Everyone thought I was not a Slytherin material. My greatest strength is that I don't care what people thing of me I will stand my own ground if it is for the right cause. My greatest weakness is my laziness. oh am so lazy. My dream job, I have 3 in my mind- either be a healer or an auror OR a writer who writes about the people who had played a major role in shaping the wizarding world that is now. The deepest thing that I really want is to let the world know that not all people are bad in fact there are no bad and good its just 2 sides of a coin.
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