Rosie Steele
Pianist, book nerd, musical lover, self-taught guitarist, and aspiring scientist.
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My Backstory
Welcome to my page~

Name: Rosie Bella Steele

House: Slytherin

Patronus: Thestral

Animagus: Gray Wolf

Hobbies: Reading, playing piano, guitar, and writing

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Loyal, ambitious, hardworking, with a passion for learning. Sometimes short-tempered and impatient.

Some facts:
I am short. VERY short. As in barely five feet tall kind of short.
I have straight, jet black hair and dark brown eyes.
I love Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.
I am the biggest procrastinator ever.
I LOVE dogs.
I can't stand people who pretend to be someone they aren't.

Roleplay Rules:
My general rule of thumb is that I will write back in the same quality writing that you do. If you start with a poorly written sentence, then I will respond with one. If you start with a well written paragraph, then I will reply with a well written paragraph. If I am the one starting, then I will write a decently long, (hopefully) grammatically correct, paragraph. If you respond with a sentence, then I’ll change the quality of my response to match yours. If you’re still reading this, thanks. You have an insane amount of patience, or just a lot of time on your hands.