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I am Reagan Willow. I was born on December 25th in New York. I was born to Angelina and Finn Willow, both muggles. I also have a sister named June, who is quite jealous of me. At hogwarts, I am known for my smarts and quick thinking, and also being the first metamorphagus since Tonks. I am very good at academic type of work. People usually come to me for planning and homework when Hermione is busy. I get A pluses in all my classes, except for DADA. In DADA, I just get an A. I was ten years old when my parents started fighting. Let me remind you, this was AFTER I got my letter. My father was angry that I was a ‘freak’ and said that he wouldn’t allow a mistake to wander his home while getting books and being well fed. My mother loved me and said that I was perfect just the way I was. This continued until a week before I went off to Hogwarts. They finally got divorced and my father didn’t even fight for my custody. He took June and left without looking back. Before I left a helped my mother organize for the school season in her bakery and left with a sad smile.
Name: Reagan Ari Willow
Age: 11, but mainly depends on the rp
Zodiac: Cancer
Pet: A golden retriever puppy named Merlin
Animagus (not obtained yet): A red collie dog
Personality: Really Nice, very intelligent, lonely, enthusiastic but logical
Strengths: Stealth, Planning, and my tiny size allows me to not be spotted
Weaknesses: Fiery Temper (just like her hair. Sorry just had to do it), not very aware
Fears: Heights, snakes, and rats
Hair: Fiery red
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Race: American
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