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My Backstory
(This is a modern take on Schuyler sisters .. please don't hate on me. I also do not want to offend anyone so if anyone does not like my profile may they privet message so I am able to fix it .)

Name: Amelia Schuyler

Nicknames: Never really had any


Occupation: Student and trying to make my family proud

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single

Family: I have 5 amazing sisters Catherine, Cornelia, Peggy, Angelica and Eliza ( I am the youngest of the girls) and I have 3 brothers John, Philip and Rensselaer.

Friends: Josh, and Jordan

So I guess I should let you know a little a bit about me .... well there isn't much to tell I am one of the Schyler sisters and yes I know it's crazy but we are just normal girls (Family) sure our father is in the senate and we are a wealthy family. That does not mean we do not work hard to make our own legacy.

Unlike my sisters who managed to find themself in a job and university and in some cases married, I got a letter through informing me that I would be attending Hogwarts it was a little bit of a shock not just for me but everyone else was surprised and a little bit shocked (Not that I was a witch as everyone in my family was ) but I would be attending Hogwarts in England since I live in America my family thought I would attend Ilvermorny but it seemed that I would be leaving.

For my family, it was hard for me to leave but I was so excited that I didn't care much as my sister Angelica had moved to England to settle down with her husband and had an amazing job and I missed her so much, so I got to finally see her more often and on holiday I would go back home to see my family. And now I am in my last year at Hogwarts I am so happy to let people know that I will be going into medicine I mean my family mainly do politics and legal stuff but for me, I want to save lives and find cures because maybe .. just maybe it could have saved people I loved.

anyway if you have made it this far I am surprised but I hope you will come on this journey with me because it's going to get crazy *Smiles as I wave and giggle * let's do this because I am not throwing away my shot!

Now please enjoy my amazing pictures :


*Here are my amazing brothers *


*Here are four of my sisters *


*Here is me and my other sister*


*This was me at Angelica's wedding*


*I took this picture to build my confidence *


*This was taken at a party we had for the senate*


*This was taken on a day trip out with my brothers *


*I took this when I went out with my sisters *


Name: Jordan Arron Burr

Nicknames: J, AJ, Burr


Occupation: Studying Law like my father

Sexuality: Bi

Relationship: Single

Family: I have a beautiful sister Theodosia she is amazing and means the world to me ...( yes she is my half-sister but I don't say that )

Friends: Amelia

Bio- WELL there isn't much to say my name is Jordan Berr ...yes Arron Burr is my father and no I do not care that my family had a problem with amelias family, me and her grew up together which is why when she was going to Hogwarts
I had to go with her because let's face it, I couldn't lose my best friend anyway that's me but I will maybe tell you more about me later but for now, this is cya you later .... enjoy some pics of me.


*Me looking cool*


*Trip with Amelia*


*A very cute pic of me and my sister T *


*First time going to Hogwarts*


*Amelia took this pic DAME I look awful*

So you have read my bio what you should know is some of this info is true and some are not this profile is a Roleplay profile but some of the information is true to me and I don't want some things placed on here and I hope you all understand ... thank you, guys :)