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My Backstory
I was sorted into the Slytherin House when the Sorting Hat instantly touched the top of my head. It was an easy choice, considering how I practically begged to be in the House since my Grandfather was in it, and I had lived with him nearly my whole life. I grew to love Potions and Herbology, anything that could help with healing. But if I'm being honest here, I grew to like the excitement of needing to be precise in every measurement to make sure nothing blew up in my face. I'm most definitely a pure blood, and can't think to be anything but that, but I'd never make a remark over a half-blood. I was never one to fly around and play Quidditch, or do anything too absurd with me time like pranking people for the fun of it. Instead, I preferred to read, gaining knowledge in anything, because knowledge is the greatest strength out there. I'll admit, I'm not the best when it comes to communicating, and I'm actually a little too sarcastic at times when it's not needed. I'm also terrible at History, which is funny considering I love to know the history of everything, and used to fall asleep listening to my grandfather tell stories of wizard histories.
I have my trusty cat, who's name is Shadow. She's a lovely thing, pure black and fluffy with blue eyes. I just love cats. I plan on exploring the medical side of occupations, to help injuries or sickness in any way possible.