Hi :) Welcome to my page, I'm proud to be a Hufflepuff and I love all types of creatures.
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My Backstory
I am a muggle-born witch, my parents didn't believe in magic and always told me that magic wasn't real. I always knew it was because from a very young age strange things started happening around me, for example, I could make my toys move without touching them. when I received my Hogwarts letter my parents thought it was a joke so they threw it out, a professor then came to my house to explain that I was magic and had been accepted into a magical school, she told me all about the magical world and how to get all my school supplies. when we arrived at Diagon Alley I couldn't believe my eyes. my parents were both amazed and in disbelief, after collecting my school supplies my parents said they were proud of me and that they couldn't wait to see what I can achieve. at the end of summer, they came to platform 9 3/4 with me to wish me luck and say goodbye. I bought a purple pygmy puff and named her Violet