a l e k s
    " 見 当 違 い 。"
" See you tomorrow . . . "
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My Backstory
" そ れを べて わら なさ い "

☾steff , 18, aaaaa☽
discord: ask
twitter: also ask o_o
deviantart: mrdrs

☾B A S I C S☽
name: Aleksander M. Stormcrest.
gender: Male.
fc: Cole Sprouse.
blood status: Pureblood.
age: 17.
year: 7th.
d.o.b: December 29th.
height: 5'8".
nationality: British.
sexuality: Bisexual.
significant other: None.

☾M A J I K S☽
school: Hogwarts.
house: Slytherin.
wand: Broken.
patronus: Snow Leopard.
amortentia: Luxury chocolates, old paper, & winter air.
mirror of erised: [LOCKED]
boggart: A smoky feline figure.
pet: A Striped Owl named "Sandman."
favorite class: History of Magic.

☾A P P E A R A N C E☽
skin color: Pale.
left eye: Pale blue, almost grey.
right eye: Cool grey. (blind eye)
hair color: Dark, cool toned black hair.
hair type: Straight.
hair length: Short.

☾B A C K G R O U N D☽
good traits: Aleks is intelligent and thoughtful, often noticing details in others that most people don't notice in themselves. He's highly skilled in what he does, and takes his time doing his work. He's convicted in his beliefs, and is protective of people he knows closely.
bad traits: Aleks is a perfectionist, often tossing what he's working on if it isn't perfect. He's apathetic, blunt, and cold to others he doesn't know well, and mostly ignores his friends to spend time perfecting what he's working on. He can be unintentionally rude to others without realizing it.
disorders: Aleks has the inability to feel heat and insomnia.
handedness: Right.
talents: Aleks is skilled in calligraphy and piano playing. If only he'd use his readable handwriting when working on assignments . . .
secret: [LOCKED]
biggest fear: [LOCKED]

☾R P R U L E S☽
Please attempt to use grammar.
Asterisks are kind of a pet peeve.
I'm fine with one liners, as long as it isnt completely just one-liners.
NO!!! NSFW!!!. Innuendos are okay as long as not too much.
Angst? Yes please.
Please don't control my character thx.
Edge is fine, don't go overboard though.
Ask!! Before!! Shipping!! Our!! OCs!!
No canon students please.
If you want to find out the [LOCKED] parts of his profile, just Dm me and I can tell you.
Have fun!! Tell me if my rp is boring bro, I'll spice it up.

" そ れを べて わら なさ い "

☾aleks's fav songs☽

☾aleks as vines☽

" Why won't you just go . . ? "

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