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My Backstory
| | PERSONAL | |

Name: Sage Maiden

Nicknames: Sagie (anyone), Gigi (must ask first), Nadetta (old friends ONLY)

Special Nicknames: {If you would like to give me a special nickname, please tell me and I'll add it to my backstory}

Nationality and Ethnicity: I was born in America, but my whole family is from the Philippines. I am a proud Filipina!

Age: somewhere between 10-20 (why would you like to know anyways?)

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Sexuality: Asexual and Aromantic

House: Ravenclaw (obviously) If Ravenclaw didn't exist, I'd be a Slytherin

Wand: Ash Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 1/2 Inches, Springy

Quidditch Position: Chaser


Color: Electric Purple & Turquoise

Book Series: Harry Potter & Percy Jackson

TV Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (yes, I am aware that I like kid shows)

Movie: Enter the Fire (I was in the last scene)

Musical: Hamilton, Wicked, Mean Girls, Heathers, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, Dear Evan Hansen, Six: The Musical, and more! There's too many to name!

Food: Sushi

Drink: Any Milk Tea with Boba

Musician/Band: Twice, Blackpink, Itzy

Actress/Actor: Teresa Navarro, please go support her, she's so sweet and nice! (she's my friend in real life, and she's Filipina)

Song: Sincerely Me, Revenge Party, All You Wanna Do, Candy Store, Guns and Ships, Popular, Put You in Your Place, Dead Mom, Heart Shaker, Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du, Wannabe, My R (Yellow Cardigan), It's Not Like I Like You!!, Can't Help Falling in Love with You

Animal: Fox & Ferret

Insect/Bug: Butterfly


➳I look A LOT like Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Just give her black hair and brown eyes. That's what I look like!

➳I'm an actress! I have been in a movie, gotten loads of solos in musicals, done community and school theater, and have had a LOT of acting training.

➳Along the lines of the last fact, I'm a theater kid. I LOVE musical theater. I dance, sing, and act!

➳I have gone through (and still going through) depression, self hate, self harm, self body shame, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. If you need someone to talk to, I will understand your pain. You can always talk to me.

➳I don't listen to ANY songs on the radio. I only listen to show tunes and Kpop.

➳I practice witchcraft in real life. I'm actually really proud of my Book of Shadows/Grimoire.

➳I have a brown-black belt (only one more test until I get my black belt) in Kaju Kembo. Kaju Kembo means Karate, Jujitsu, Kempo, and Boxing.

➳I'm really violent in real life. I like to settle things with my fists, not words. That's why I identify Ares as my Godly Parent.

➳If I was a bender in Avatar, I'd be a waterbender, and I'd probably live in the Northern Water Tribe.

➳I'm considered the smart girl in school. I have gotten the academic award 5 times in a row. Please don't call me a nerd because of that. I may be book smart, but I'm not lying when I say I have no common sense.

➳I can play the ukulele. Whenever someone asks me to play, I like to show off this thing where I just play 3 chords really fast and over and over again. It's really easy, but people think it's impressive.

➳Even though I'm asexual and aromantic, I love romance when it comes to OTHER people. If I'm just staring off into space, I'm probably thinking of a cute love story between some OCs.

➳I'm an author here on HiH. If you want, go search up my name in the library!


My OCs
Emily Heather
Name: Emily Heather
Age: 15
Appearance: purple blazer, white t-shirt, purple skirt, knee high socks, mint headband
Hair: black fading into purple; usually worn down
Eyes: brown
Personality: manipulative, creative, popular, theater kid
Skills: sings, acts, dances, can manipulate you but may or may not choose to, does martial arts and can use a spear but no one knows that

May Sparks
Name: May Sparks
Age: 15
Appearance: usually wears a cute t-shirt, jeans, and a cap
Hair: black, long, usually worn down
Eyes: brown
Personality: rebellious, curious, protective, fierce, intelligent
Skills: bow and arrow, martial arts, singing (although she doesn't show it)

Brooke Gundim
Name: Brooke Gundim
Age: 12
Appearance: usually overalls with a t-shirt, a few small bracelets
Hair: brown, medium, worn in a braid
Eyes: green
Personality: humble, cheerful, bubbly, can be fierce when her friends are hurt
Skills: very skilled with a knife, but she doesn't like to use it, easily makes friends

Willow Sunforge
Name: Willow Sunforge
Age: 11
Appearance: usually a hoodie that lets her blend in the crowd, jeans
Hair: flaming red, medium, worn in a ponytail
Eyes: grey
Personality: shy, quiet, introvert, doesn't like to get involved in things
Skills: any style of fighting, can use any weapon, but prefers her dagger

Hazel Rosebrand
Name: Hazel Rosebrand
Age: 15
Appearance: usually a crop top, denim shorts, sunglasses
Hair: blonde fading into blue; wavy; worn down
Eyes: blue
Personality: extrovert, manipulative, sassy
Skills: can manipulate anyone

Conner Farfell
Name: Conner Farfell
Age: 12
Appearance: usually just a t-shirt and jeans
Hair: sand Brown
Eyes: brown
Personality: funny, happy, rebellious
Skills: he's good with a sword

Name: Camilla (she doesn't have a last name because she is an orphan)
Age: 15
Appearance: black shirt, black shorts, black boots, black gloves
Hair: black, long, worn down
Eyes: brown
Personality: gothic, doesn't like talking to people
Skills: witchcraft

Dawn Bellerose
Name: Dawn Bellerose
Age: 15
Appearance: white flowing dress, no shoes
Hair: light brown, medium length, straight, usually worn down with a flower crown
Eyes: light brown
Personality: kind, sweet, extrovert
Skills: sword-fighting, socializing

Alice Graye
Name: Alice Graye
Age: 12
Appearance: beautiful, royal purple and white dress
Hair: black, long, usually worn down
Eyes: brown
Personality: fierce, a bit rude, doesn't like people doing stuff for her
Skills: sword-fighting, sneaking out

Lia Amastacia
Name: Lia Amastacia
Age: 14
Appearance: two brown clothes, that she uses to cover uh you know
Hair: black, very Long, worn down
Eyes: brown
Personality: protective, violent, fierce
Skills: bow and arrow, martial arts

Cherry Dimaanó
Name: Cherry Dimaanó
Age: 16
Appearance: Search up "Princess Urduja Cartoon"; one brown cloth (its sorta like a crop top); and another longer brown cloth (its kinda like a skirt), gold earrings, and a necklace made up of blue ribbon with a gold pendant
Hair: dark Brown, medium length, wavy, sometimes put in a braid
Eyes: dark brown
Personality: bold, determined, can be nice when she wants, can be mean when she wants
Skills: can use any type of weapon, notices everything/very observant, knows all types of fighting

Tala Mayona
Name: Tala Mayona
Age: 14
Appearance: blue crop top, black jeans
Hair: black, long, usually worn down with blue hair loopies (if you watch ATLA, you know what I'm talking about)
Eyes: blue
Personality: fierce, protective, a bit mean but once you get to know her she's very sweet
Skills: spear, manipulation, is actually very artistic but she doesn't show it

Kya Belet
Name: Kya Belet
Age: 15
Appearance: black shirt, camouflage jacket, blue jeans, hiking boots
Hair: dark brown, long, worn in a braid
Eyes: green
Personality: violent, rude, tom-boy, doesn't care about looks
Skills: can use almost any type of weapon, martial arts

Michi Corbon
Name: Michi Corbon
Age: 10
Appearance: an over-sized red hoodie, jeans
Hair: black, very long, worn with half-pigtails (idk what the hairstyle is called)
Eyes: yellow/golden
Personality: shy, but dangerous, sociopath
Skills: VERY stealthy, murder, acting innocent

Monika Marisol
Name: Monika Marisol
Age: 16
Appearance: collared white shirt, grey blazer, blue skirt, black thigh high socks, dress shoes
Hair: brown, very long, worn in a ponytail with a blue ribbon
Eyes: green
Personality: seems very cheerful but hides a secret, has a way of getting what she wants but no one knows how
Skills: getting what she wants, acting, literature

Bernadette De La Cruz
Name: Bernadette De La Cruz
Age: 15
Appearance: camouflage crop-top, jeans, combat boots
Hair: black, medium length, usually worn down
Eyes: dark brown
Personality: violent, intelligent, only nice to her friends
Skills: martial arts, theater, debate (arguing in general)

Akira Lestrange
Name: Akira Lestrange
Age: 16
Appearance: white overalls with a sun embroidered in the center, yellow t-shirt, yellow converse
Hair: black/dark brown, medium length, worn in a single braid
Eyes: gold/yellow
Personality: determined, courageous, never backs away from a fight, if you break her trust she will never forgive you
Skills: bow and arrow, dagger, "chi" blocking (hitting opponent's certain pressure points, causing them unable to move), acrobatics

Name: Nico (haven't thought of last name)
Age: 15
Appearance: white turtleneck with a leather dress on top; no shoes
Hair: black, long, usually worn down, in space buns, or a loose braid
Eyes: dark brown/black
Personality: fierce, determined, aggressive
Skills: witchcraft, dagger/sword fighting, jousting, horseback riding

✼Please no god-modding. If you choose to god-mod, know that my characters will god-mod too.

✼Don't control my character. That includes what my character is saying, how they react to anything, what they do, etc.

✼It's fine if you don't have a long reply. One liners are fine by me.

✼If I all of a sudden stop replying, that means HiH is in maintenance, I'm eating, or I had to go do something.

If you would like to rolplay, feel free to post a starter on my wall. If you want a specific OC you want me to use, click on "My OCs" above, choose one of my OCs, and tell me which OC you want me to use.

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