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You are walking down a dirt road. Along the side of the road, walks a girl and what looks to be her... dog? The girl is small in stature. She can't be over five foot. Actually, you're not entirely sure if she even is five feet tall. She's wearing a long, black and red sweater. The kind that's open in the front. It's made of yarn, and you can tell it's been well-loved-- or, at least worn often. You can see that it fits snuggly on her shoulders, as you catch up. Her shoulders are awfully square, given her petite frame.

You notice now, she's noy blonde like you thought she was. When you were a greater distance away, you mistook her wild, pin-needle straight hair for being blonde. It was thrashing in the winds as they began to pick up, and as the sky steadily, yet rapidly, began to darken. You see now, though, as she walks with a calm, cool confidence despite the growing intensity of barometric pressure, that her hair is white. Completely, utterly, white. Note snow white, not white like ice. No. White like lightning. Like electricity. You could feel electricity and magic and just /everything/, and anything, rolling off of her in waves of energy as she moved. You didn't know where she was so pointedly going, but you were glad it was not in your direction.

And then she stops. The animal next to her makes a chattering noise and looks up at her. It has not a snout, but a beak. Or, no. It has a duck bill. Like a platypus? That is not a platypus. It continues to chatter at her. It stops, and stands on its' hind legs, and pulls a chain, with a broken looking pocket watch at the end of it, out of a kangaroo-like pouch on its' abdomen. It waves its little hands, and chatters and shrieks, pointing at you, pointing at the watch. You stop in your tracks. "What the hell?!" The girl stops and turns to the little beast. Her eyes, what would most likely be a light blue any other day, shine almost unnaturally today. They're large. Too large. Almost not human, something about the way they look isn't quite right. They're too bright, too vibrant, too big. They glow aqua tonight, under the storm clouds brewing above. Her hair whips and lashes behind her, as though it were the tail of a displeased cat, and she was the cat expressing her displeasure. She crouched down to be at the same level as the beast.

"What's up, Vision?" She asks, her voice calm and consoling, for this animal and only this animal, it seems. She touches the watch as he chatters in panic, and she smooths the feather-like fur upon the top of his head. "Breathe, little one." She says to him softly, almost a partial coo, as though a mother urging a child to remember how they've existed for so long. She put her hands, covered in scars, blood, oil and ink, on her knees as she stood up. The girl stretched her shoulders with a heavy, grunt-like sigh. She cracks her knuckles, its' much heartier a sound than you imagined. Especially given her careful avoidance of the numerous rings upon her fingers. It was almost like at least every other finger had one ring, at least. She wore a copper bracelet. You watched as the moons on it went about their cycles, dancing with the stars. She's up, and walking towards you. "No worries, Vision. I'll take care of our curious cat."

Your mind goes blank as you feel the pressure in the air change. There's a quick flash of lightning behind the mottled clouds. You hear something. She's counting as she approaches you. Each beat, each breath, she counts. Thunder rolls between the two of you. You feel rain fall to the earth. "Wh- who are you?" You finally choke out.

She stops, and looks at you funny. She cocks her head to the side, puzzled. "Me? Oh. I'm just your friendly neighborhood Cryptid Collector. Don't mind me none!" She grins wide, a big, cheesy grin. Thunder rolls fast and hard.

You can feel you knees shaking, and they collapse beneath you.

She helps you up.

"Oh goodness. Uh.. My name is Nymia. Some would think I should be burned at a stake on main street." She laughs as she brushes dirt and dust off your shoulder. You stare at her blankly. "Uh..." she coughs softly into her fist. "But I'd like to think I'm more of... privileged enough to have access to the knowledge necessary to provide care, housing, rehabilitation, and the necessary means to feasibly assist in giving a 'furrever' home to Cryptids&Creatures of all varieties."

You stare blankly, until a small, blackish-opalescent, winged creature began to creep out of her messenger bag and plopped out of the side, trying to cling to the side of her leggings, but missing by a longshot. Like, wow. Did you even try, little winged creature?

The creature hops up and around you, and screeches, creating tiny balls of electricity up in the air. He shoots them up at the girl, making angry sounding noises, that honestly remind you of when your oldest cat was a kitten. He used to growl and fight when he was hungry.

"Okay okay! Fish! We'll get fish! There's a market! I'm sure they have cans of tuna!" She looks at you as she scoops him up in her arms and scritches under his chin, just like a cat. He calms down immediately.

She looks at you as she begins to walk away. "You comin'?"

You blink and nod skittishly, scrambling to your feet to follow. The little creature with the broken pocket watch chatters in distaste and eyes you suspiciously. You notice you seem to have misplaced your wallet.

"I'm Nymia, by the way. I mean, I know I said that. But... I... I mean, you can call me Nym. I would prefer if you called me Nym." She fussed awkwardly with the chain around her neck. The chain was long, and it had a good sized bell on it, marked with a moon and stars. "What's your name?"

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