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   imprint of a departed soul
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My Backstory

Bellatriz Leah Cortez Pertinio was born on 6 April 1977. She attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry from the age of eleven to the age of fifteen, when she was killed by the Killing Curse when it was cast by her classmate. She became a Hufflepuff house ghost. She excelled in all of her classes, especially potions, and sometimes she helps out in potions classes. She is Muggle-born, but during the time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, she was not directly affected by the persecution of Muggle-borns because she was already dead.


Full Birth Name ➾ Bellatriz Leah Cortez Pertinio
Preferred Name ➾ Bella
Nicknames ➾ Triz
Species ➾ ghost, human, witch
Gender ➾ female
Sexuality ➾ unknown
Age ➾ 15, or 42 if she were still alive
Nationality ➾ British
Occupation ➾ House Ghose
Blood Status ➾ Muggle-born
Ilvermorny house ➾ Thunderbird
Wand ➾ silver lime with a dragon heartstring core; 14'' and stiff flexibility
Year ➾ none
Patronus ➾ Basenji
Handedness ➾ left
Languages ➾ English, Français
Likes ➾ the smell of Amortentia, jumpers, the beach, old books, being outside
Dislikes ➾ haters, curses, purists


Eye Color ➾ grey
Hair Color ➾ silver with a strawberry-blonde tint
Height ➾ 167 centimeters
Weight ➾ none ;)
Body Type ➾ skinny
Complexion ➾ pale, translucent
Voice ➾ soft normally but boy can she yell
Scent ➾ a bit like campfire smoke



Family ➾ father, mother, younger sibling
Friends ➾ Mara, Lottie, Vivienne, you
Love interests ➾ none

** thanks to Lottie for this backstory template :3 you're the best **

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