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According to the Sorting Hat I'm in Slytherin house. The Sorting Hat hesitated for my case between Slytherin and Gryffindor but finally I was more a Slytherin than a Gryffindor. My favorite lessons are transfiguration, magic music, ancient runes, potions, charms and defense against the dark arts. The arithmancy' s lesson is not one of my favorite class, I don't like also History of magic, herbology and muggle studies.
My patronus is a Piebald stallion. My wand is a black walnut wood's wand with a dragon heartstring core, is 12 1/2" and have a hard flexibility.
I'm a half-blood, my father [ Thomas Winscott] is an English wizard and my mother [Liza Cartier] is a muggle. I study in Hogwarts beacause we moved when I was six. My father decided to back in his borned country.
Some children in school bully me because of my blood but I don't care.
My mixed origins is my force and not a weakness.
My greatest strenght is my familly and my friends. My greatest weakness is my lack of self-confidence.
I hesitate between auror and magizoologist.
I have a cat and its name is Khan (because I'm big fan of the muggle serie Star Trek), is a black cat. I love it.
My paternal granparents was great aurors and in the maternal side, Jacques Cartier [ the explorator who discovered Canada] was my ancester.
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