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My Backstory
I'm a muggleborn Slytherin who never felt like I fit in a regular school. I always knew something was different and when I got my Hogwarts letter it just clicked. I love Care of Magical Creatures and Potions, they're my best subjects. I just love Quidditch, and I would like to become a Seeker or Chaser for the Slytherin team. I practice every summer. I spent most of the early years of my life being cycled through foster care, because my parents aren't alive anymore. Coming to Hogwarts was a welcome relief from the hardships of being juggled from family to family. It does get a little lonely over Christmas, having no house to go home to, but I spend my summers with my (muggle) friend.

-tousled, short blue hair
-sea-green eyes
-medium height
-fairly pale skin
sexuality: pansexual
pronouns: she/her
-funny in a self deprecating way
-doesn't trust easily
-fairly outgoing but not very friendly
-she can come off as overbearing
-a loyal and dependable friend