Valentina Venus Black
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My Backstory
Full Name: Valentina Venus Black
Heritage: Half-blood
Gender: Female
Wand: Holly, Phoenix feather, 11"
Patronus: Occamy
Pet: Owl
Favourite Subjects: Charms, Defense Against Dark Arts
House: Gryffindor
Pet: Owl
Ability: Animagus
Nationality: Italian and Polish (Italian is my first language)

Appearance: Valentina has straight blonde hair, she has central heterochromia in green eyes with speckled brown pigment. She's skinny and a light skin colour. Height (in cm) 168cm

Backstory: " My name is Valentina Black. My mum was a pure-blood witch from Poland and my dad is a Muggle from Italy. I grew up with my parents, my little sister and my little brother in Rome. I'm the only one who inherited the ability to do magic like my mother. She died when I was 4 years old and from that moment on, my family realized that my mother’s powers have come back to me. I received my letter from Hogwarts and moved to London. My family didn’t want me to study magic (being Muggles), so I’m very close to the family on my mother’s part, but, they live in Poland. "