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Full name: Diana Fay Oakwood Nickname: Diana Gender: Female Species: Witch  Nationality: English Blood status: Pureblood Wand: 12 inches, Unicorn hair core, Ebony wood, Quite flexible Hair colour: Dark Brown Hairstyle: Side-swept shoulder length Eye colour: Dark brown Skin tone: Pale Height: Medium - tall Weight: Lightweight Clothing style: Late 19th century to early 20th century, upper class fashion Accessories: A small necklace containing a phial of Felix Felicis brewed by her brother who is a Potion-Master Other distinguishing features: Often carries a novel or book Traits: Honest, hardworking, prefers being alone or with her small group of friends, independent, reserved, Likes: Reading novels, crystals, tea, hot chocolate, cats, desserts (mainly chocolate), library’s and sitting by open fireplaces Dislikes: Physical work, heights, quidditch, spicy food, dirt, mice/ rats and the cold Good at: Brewing potions, history of magic, transfiguration and astronomy Bad at: Anything involving physical strength, flying and socialising Hobbies: Reading, caring for her cat/ bowtruckles at her home and shopping for more books Fears: Heights, flying and rejection Ambition: To become a successful potion-master, and she wants to find somewhere where she feels she belongs and to feel ‘wanted’ Family background: The Oakwood family are mainly Slytherins who are against mingling with muggles and muggle-borns Wand reaction when first held: A small white light like the Lumos charm was produced from the end of the wand. It then left the tip of the wand and slowly circled Diana until it faded into nothing. Boggart: Her father rejecting her or disowning her. Patronus: Osprey Animagus: N/a Polyjuice: A dark teal with swirls of aqua Amortentia: Old books, subtle amount of campfire smoke, chocolate and storms/rain

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