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Hey there, I'm Rose. I'd love to be friends with you!

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My name is Rose Richards. My family and I have lived in New York City my whole life. My parents are Muggles, and we thought the rest of us were, too. I have an older sister, Gabrielle, and a younger brother, Aidan, making me the middle child (which sucks, and I often complain about it). Gabrielle is three years older than me, and when she got her acceptance letter, we were all surprised. Apparently, she would normally go to Ilvermorny like everyone else in the US, but they wanted to try something new, so they sent her to a school called Hogwarts in Great Britain. My parents didn't like the idea of her being in another country at first, but they eventually let her go.

I was eight at the time, so I was old enough to understand that it was crazy to think that she had magical powers. Aidan, however, was only two. Gabrielle wrote to us frequently, and her letters were carried to us by various owls. She told us about lots of different things, like what the different houses were and their defining traits, how she got sorted into Hufflepuff, and that she made lots of friends there. That was good for her, because she didn't have a whole lot of friends before.

I was convinced for the next three years that I would get a letter of my own, so you can imagine my relief when I finally did. They didn't want to split up siblings, so I got sent to Hogwarts as well. I got sorted into Ravenclaw, which I was already 75% sure would happen. I knew there was a chance I would be put in Hufflepuff since I care a lot about others, but there was just a bit more Ravenclaw in me. I wouldn't consider myself to be the smartest student, but I am rather intelligent. I think I was sorted into Ravenclaw more for my individuality. I pride myself on being weird, but I know when to rein it in.

I couldn't wait to make more friends just like Gabrielle, so I was disappointed when I didn't make very many. I thought that it was ironic that Gabrielle went from no friends to a bunch, and I went from plenty of friends to none. I also thought it was pretty unfair. I used to have lots of friends that I would constantly talk to, so it was hard when I suddenly had no one.

I did make one friend, though. Luna Lovegood. We became pretty good friends, on the train ride, but she's never really around a whole lot. She's always off looking for nargles or playing with thestrals. I've never seen any of these things myself, but I believe her that they're real. No one else has been friends with me yet, but I hope someone will, eventually!

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Relationship: single
Physical Description: thin, 5'6", pale skin, shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, bright blue eyes
House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Class: Muggle Studies (I enjoy laughing at their misunderstandings of the Muggle world, plus it's an easy class)
Least Favorite Class: Potions (why does Snape have to be so mean, and why does it smell so bad?)
Interests: developing relationships (friends, romantic, etc), getting good grades (but with hopefully not much work)
Friends: Luna Lovegood
Patronus: Bloodhound
Wand: Alder wood, unicorn hair, 12 1/4 inches, brittle flexibility
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Boggart: any kind of bug (but mostly spiders)
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