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   I miss you
Ellie Eleven Potter
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My Backstory
I'm Ellie,
When I first came on here I had no friends, untill Holly, you showed me everything, kindness, friendship and how to get a profile picture :D thankyou.

I then became sad, I had only one good friend and had made an enemy with a fellow HIH fan, Opalasent Piercy if that is still your name, I am very sorry for the way I behaved.

Not long after, I met Addison Snow a carefree friendly girl, a great person who loved everyone and never got love returned, Addison I miss you and hope you will light up HiH by returning, we miss you.

I then discovered the library were I read many books and found that my favourites were by Celestia.Cho.Granger, I girl who helped me when I was down and in return I helped her, thankyou Celestia I could've continued without you.

I began to make a Group with Addison and Celes and almost blocked everyone else out, when a girl named Alicia riddle said hello to me one day, i almost ignored h er r because I liked my other friends to my c b to care, but really I was only blocking out a great person who ended up being so helpful I regret every second that I didn't know her, now Ellie eleven riddle, thankyou.

Later on I met Zia and Ella Ortega, you two, though older than me, showed me that not all teenagers are annoying people that don't care about younger kids, you guys were so nice I idolize you.

Henry Ridgeback, my only guy friend on HiH you were so helpful when our friendgroup fell apart you are the glue that bonded us together, when me and Addison fought you helped us get better, i miss you too.

And finally Rosie.el.granger, I thankyou for reach8ng out to me and talking to me every day no matter how rude I have been or how sick of me you are, you never fail to make me thankful for you.

I am so sorry, That I caused you all to leave HiH I was rude and inconsiderate, I made Addison leave and then was so sore the tg I left making my other friends sad, I regret every second of my unkindness, I am so sad you are gone please come back.

Everyone else, I still miss you, though you may not be listed, I thankyou for being so kind.