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God Modding is the taking control of another person’s character in RP. My abilities don’t do that so it’s not God Modding. Get over it.

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Name: Feliks Volyavich Volkov
Age: 17
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

- Lycanthropy
- Magical Resistance (Genetic)
- Parseltongue
- Legilimency and Occlumency
- Animagus (Unregistered, Polar Bear)
- Metamorphmagi

I’m naturally gifted in Wandless Magic. Its something I was born with the ability to do. I’ve been doing it since the time I could walk. I have a photographic memory so it’s been easy to memorize spells.

Though I have these abilities, I don’t use them very much. I talk in Parseltounge, I use my Animagus form, and of course my Lycanthropy more often than not. The Lycanthropy I can’t control of course. I practice wandless magic, yes, but I still use my wand in beginning courses because it’s a required thing. And so I’m on the same level as everyone else. I don’t want people to resent me for the way I am so I try to not use my abilities often. It’s mostly when I’m alone.

If you want to hate me, I’m okay with that. But know that this is the way I am. If you have a problem with it, please don’t go behind my back and say s*** about me. Tell it to my face, please. I’m like everyone else you’ll ever meet, I’m no different.

By the way, Magical resistance does not mean I have a resistance to all magic. It just means I have a resistance to some stunning spells. That’s just a gene I acquired.

- Social Anxiety
- Clumsy
- Scared of Isolation
- Hates sunlight
- Over protective

Fatal Flaws:
- Throws Parties too much

- Has a tendency to smoke
- Has a tendency to drink
(I don’t do these things in public because it’s rude. It hurts everyone around me. I’d rather it hurt only me than the people I love. I’ve tried to stop. My past hasn’t been easy.)

So yeah. If you have questions, owl me.

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