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Hello, my name is Minho. I’m from South Korea. I love hugs, donuts, and Dogs. Especially dogs. Yeah... Puppies are cute, what can I say?!

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“There’s bravery in being soft.”
- Unknown

My name is Choi Minho. I, Minho, am from Seoul, South Korea and I ran away from the “orphanage” I’m from at age 5. I’ve been living in with a pack of wolves for 6 years now. They raised me and treated me as there own. Because I am a werewolf. The only problem with that is... my tail and ears don’t go away when I’m in human form. I was born with them. I don’t even try covering them.

Anyways, I say “orphanage” because it was less of a orphanage and more of a laboratory. My parents abandoned me when I was born because they saw my wolf ears sand tail. They through me in this “orphanage” and they experimented on me. Every. Single. Day. For five years. These events left me with:

- Severe Anxiety
- Paranoia
And much more...

But I don’t let my problems define me. I am myself, not my disorders. Emotions will heal, the scars won’t. But I’ll be okay.
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Choi Minho

Age: 11
Height: 5’9”
Species: Arctic Werewolf
Rank: Beta
Pack: Runaways
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Transgender (FTM)
Pronouns: He/Him

Animagus (Unregistered):
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Patronus: Grey Wolf
Spirit Animal: Wolf
Ebony Wood, Phoenix Tail Feather Core, Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility, 17 inches
Cedar wood, Frankincense, Lavender
Boggart: Myself (Wolf Form)
Mirror of Erised: My Pack

Now you see? Everything about me is a wolf. There’s no way of escaping who I am. I am a wolf or rather werewolf if that’s what you prefer. I’m terrified. Because I don’t know if people will bully me at Hogwarts because of what I am. I hope not.
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If you want to RP, owl me or post a starter on my wall.

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