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Full name: Allison Julia Smith

Nickname: Alli

Birthday: March 23rd (Aries)

Gender: Female

Blood-type: Half-blood

Hair length & colour: Long platinum blonde hair

Eye colour: Ocean blue eyes

Height: 5'0 (Short for her age)

House: Hufflepuff

Patronus: Tigress

Wand: Cherry wood 9" with a Dragon heartstring core and quite bendy flexibility

Pet: Exotic shorthair cat named Maggie

+ Georgia Rose Miller (Mum, Hufflepuff, Half-blood)
+ Liam Alexander Smith (Dad, Slytherin, Half-blood)
+ Laura May Smith (Identical twin sister, Slytherin, Half-blood)

My name is Allison Julia Smith, but most of my friends like to call me Alli, and I have long platinum blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. My parents are both half-bloods so what does that make me? A half-blood. I grew up in the countryside of Britain with my parents and my identical twin sister Laura, but apart from looks we're not that similar. I was born on the 23rd of March so that makes me an Aries. I've been told I'm a creative, funny, free-spirit who doesn't usually live by the rules. I love to draw, paint and read, my parents tell me I tend to spend a lot of time with my nose in a book.

As a gift for my 10th birthday my parents bought me an exotic shorthair cat, that I called Maggie, and my sister got a white owl, that she called Moondust. My sorting hat experience wasn't all too exciting because as soon as the sorting hat was placed on my head it shouted "HUFFLEPUFF!" much to my sisters dismay. My favourite subject at Hogwarts is care of magical creatures, I can be really clumsy sometimes but I'm really good at laughing it off.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me at Hogwarts!

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