Annabella vonKoehnen
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“Having class and money is my thing”- Annabella vonKoehnen
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My Backstory
Name: Annabella vonKoehnen
Blood Status: Pure Blood
House: Slytherin
Patronus: Ray
Wand: Hazel Wood with a phoenix tail feather core, 12 and 1/4, and unbending flexibility.

Pets: Orange tabby cat named Melody, Barn Owl named Albus


Relationship status:
Currently seeking a fine wizard (single)

Age- 16
Favorite class- DADA or Charms
Favorite color: green and lavender
Siblings- Thomas vonKoehnen (deceased March 13, 2005)

Love to RP just owl me!

I’m sixteen, I come from a Pure-blood family. My Father, Mother, grandparents, brother, and so on and so forth all attended Hogwarts. My brother was one of the biggest influencers and left one of the biggest marks on the school. He sits in a painting now, merely an image of his former, star self. He was a seeker for four years for Slytherin and played extremely well. He aced all of his classes and exceeded in DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) and History of Magic. I will lead in his footsteps to be one of the best students.