Willow Lockeheart


Do not pity the dead, pity the living. And above all, those who live without love. It's the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darknes

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Horses. That’s my life and breath...well till I ended up here in Hogwarts. I was born and raised in a barn. Spent my life mucking stalls, currying sweat and polishing leather. You don’t think that’s a nice life? Well I did. Thats why I’m excited to work with the creatures here. I do wonder if those hippogriffs like ears or withers scratches...O right you asked how I got here, well I got a letter and some mutton-headed dolt dropped it in the water trough still I was able to read it and after some confusion as to the train found my way to Hogwarts. Nope only heard of magic once on a scrap of newspaper and she sounded like she was as crazy as me. Which the horses don’t mind but the rest of them folks find queer. So I took a mind to come and here I am.

Full Name: Willow Lockeheart
House: Gryffindor,
Height: 5'5"
Age: 14
Blood Status: Unknown
Gender: Girl
Hair Color: Rich golden
Eye Color: green hazel with gold flecks
Favorite Color: Dark red
Wand: Willow with Thestral tail hair 9” flexible-supple

Herbology Background:
The stable that I grew up in was home to 27 or so horses. Because of this I came to know which plants could poison an animal and which could heal.
I have a nack for understanding most any animal and a love for the growing of plants that can heal or kill.
My current knowledge is in basic herbs I find in the back pastures. I have used to heal cuts, bruises, spider bites and some internal pains. Plants such as yarrow for bleeding, willow for pain, catnip for sleeping, plantain for stings and several others. I have also melded flower spirits into water for healing of the gentler nature and emotions.
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