Eslanda Autumn
Student - Ravenclaw - Devourer of Chocolate - INTP ~ Ambitious // Intelligent // Caring // Unique ~
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My Backstory

Basic Information

Name: Eslanda Autumn
Birthday: July 7
INTP Personality Type

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent
Wand: Chestnut Wood | Phoenix Feather Core | 14.5 inches | Hard Flexibility
Patronus: Dolphin


Eslanda Autumn had embarked on a lifelong quest to acquire as much knowledge as she could as soon as she was born. Her father, a potioneer for an apothecary, always taught her to do her best. Her mother, a journalist who worked from home, had always taught her to dig for the truth, no matter the circumstances. In Eslanda’s view, knowledge was power, so she treasured her parent’s advice as her most prized possession.

At age five, Eslanda and her family moved to England after her father lost his job. Moving was a whole new experience for Eslanda, especially moving to another continent. As a natural worrier, Eslanda was quite nervous about starting first grade at a Muggle school, despite the fact that both her parents were magical. But, the experience ended up being fine, as Eslanda discovered some newfound interests such as writing stories, and her love for the sciences and languages strengthened, as did her dislike for athletics. She made plenty of new friends who she still communicates with to this day.

However, when Eslanda turned eleven, her life changed with one letter: her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Her parents gave her a choice. She could either continue her Muggle schooling and live life without magic, or she could attend Hogwarts, like her parents. In the end, Eslanda chose Hogwarts over her beloved Muggle school, out of sheer curiosity about where the experience would take her. Upon arrival at the school, Eslanda was sorted into Ravenclaw House, like her father. She continued upon her old habits: staying late into the night studying, spending Fridays at the library instead of having fun with her friends, and working to achieve and maintain an “O” average in all her classes. Though all the courses were interesting, Eslanda’s favorites were Alchemy, Ancient Runes, DADA, and one she’d never expected to love, History of Magic. In addition, Eslanda made several very close friends and discovered a newfound hobby, Quidditch. It was that one choice she made at age eleven about how she wanted to live her life that changed her, in the best way possible.


Appearance: Long, black hair reaching past her shoulders. She has brown eyes and long eyelashes, and a tall, slim figure. When she's not wearing her Hogwarts robes, you can see her wearing an assorted colorful T-Shirt with a darker colored pair of pants. For dressier occasions, Eslanda can be seen wearing her favorite summer dress: a blue one with a white floral pattern on it.

Loves: Reading, writing, learning, teaching, summer, snow (when she doesn’t have to shovel it), History of Magic, Ancient Runes, Alchemy, DADA, Transfiguration, having fun with friends, exploring Hogwarts, Quidditch, Muggle electronics (especially robots), and traveling.

Despises: Insects, cold and rainy weather, Muggle sports, mean and rude people, especially loud places, and plagiarism.

Credits to Starlee Kennedy :)

Messages for my amazing friends, in no particular order...

Starlee Kennedy: Haha, I don't know where to start. Running the Quidditch League has been a wild ride, but I am so happy to have you along with me. I've learned so much from you, both in Quidditch and out, and you are truly one of my role models. You're kind, smart, and just plain awesome, and I am incredibly grateful to know you as a friend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Disney World trip to pack for.... ;)

Willow Bryant: Willow, being your friend is such a treat. You are thoughtful, caring, and amazing. The ideas you have and the contributions you bring to our personal projects are incredible. I'm honestly not sure what our group would look like without you. I shall see you at Disney :D

Piper Clark: Wow... just wow. I'm so grateful to have you in my life, Piper. We're so similar and the 'Checklist of Similarities' keeps going on and on and on. You are the truest definition of Ravenclaw that I could ever know. You are creative, smart, and unique. My fellow Avenir lover, I'm intensely awed by your perseverance and ambition every single day. Oh, and as soon as we get to Disney? Sunset watching time ;)

Indira Thornton/Banana Queen: Eyyy, Banana Queen! Life would be a whole lot less exciting without you, haha. Our constant cookie parties, meme parties, and everything in between are one of the few things that keep me sane. Indira, you're such an energetic inspiration to me and you've taught me so many things over the last few months. You make me die of laughter almost every day. I'm absolutely honored to know you and be your friend. Also, good luck trying to get me down that waterslide... it's never gonna happen.

Astrid Fairisles: MY TWIN HAS ARRIVED! My mind is boggled at how similar we are, it is completely crazy. Some of the highlights of my days including fangirling about fonts with you (for anyone who's reading this and is confused - yes, fonts), yelling about calligraphy, strikethroughs, and everything in between. Let's keep up our twinning, and see where the journey takes us :))))

My favorite HiH subject is?

  • Charms

  • Astronomy

  • History of Magic

  • Muggle Studies

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